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1/2 Roll Condum Pumping Technique (NO DONUT!!)

1/2 Roll Condum Pumping Technique (NO DONUT!!)

I tried the condom pumping technique and kept at it for a while.

It did cut down on my donut, but not as much as I would have liked.

The pressure at the tip wasn’t enough to prevent it.

So, today on a lark I thought I’d just roll it down over the tip. I doubled it up and the rim of the condom was surrounding the part that normally puffs out.

I’ve pumped harder and longer today than I have in a LONG time and absolutely zero donut effect.

This is great! My donut was the main thing that prevented me from going up to higher vacuum for longer periods.

Plus, with the fully rolled condom technique, it sort of cut off a bit of my expansion at the base. No more with this. The penis looks a lot more natural, and again …



Good discovery for you. If you jelk between pump sets, were you able to do that without popping the condom off?



Great idea. Maybe since the condom is not completely unrolled it will be easier to get it on and off for the in between jelqs as Avocet mentioned. Getting those things rolled back once they are covered with lube is a pain.

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No Nukes

Good discovery.

I would caution about leaving the condom on for too many sets. I’ve done it before, only to get chafing, dry skin, itchiness and redness on the underside of my tally. At first, I thought it might have to do with the pumping, pressure, cylinder, etc. Then I resumed condom pumping but removed the condom after each set (a pain in the ass to be sure) and the skin condition noticably improved.

It could have had something to do prolonged contact with the condom. Or perhaps the lip of the condom was cutting off too much blood to the skin for too long a time.

You might be sensitive to latex, Tally. Or if what you are using is lubricated with Nonoxinol-9. That stuff gave me a rash every time.



Hi Avocet,

I haven’t been doing jelking in between my sets of pumping. Does your experience show that it has a significant impact on results?

I pump only and I take viagra. I’ve been doing it about 3 days a week for the last month (I’ve done other routines off and on, but this has probably been my most consistent period). I can’t say my results get better each time, but it is reliable and last long enough for good sex.

Will the jelking help me to keep the gains longer and help me gain more over time?

I wish I could keep the gains for days at a time like some guys report.


Big Gertha, I’m sure you’ve been asked, but what have you done to get those amazing gains??? And what was your start date?

Could you report your timeline, your routines, etc?

has anyone tried pumping with anything a little stronger than a condom?

I’ve seen Latex penis sleeves that are thicker than condoms but still stretchy- anyone tried those?

I was thinking about getting one and starting to pump again.


How does a latex penis sleeve differ from a condom?

Whether you get one or not, start pumping again. It’s good for your cock.



well from what I’ve read it seems like it is pretty much the same as a condom but a thinker gauge latex (i.e. bondage wear) and can be reused. The one I saw was advertised as providing constriction but also stretching and being thin enough that you could still feel it if you were having sex.

so basically it would be the same as condom pumping but with more force compressing your penis.

If you try it, stubby, let us know how it works.



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