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You Wanted Gains?

You Wanted Gains?

Hi there happy hangers! :)

Last Sunday I measured, because I couldn’t wait for the end of the month :) Since I’ve gotten the Bib Hanger I logged 350 minutes of hanguing (5h50m), distributed by 2-3 sessions of 20 minutes each. In the first two Saturdays (the only day of the week that I have the privacy to hang) I only did 3 sessions of 20 m in the morning. On the next ones I have done 2-3 sessions AM and 2-3 sessions PM.

Although I’ve hanged in the past, I decided to start lightly with only 1 Kg (2.2 lbs) for the first day. Then I increased it to 3 Kg (6.6 lbs), then to 4 Kg (8.8 lbs) and last Saturday I hanged 6 Kg (13.2 lbs). I’ve been hanging BTC, but in the PM sessions I usually do one or two of those sessions straigh out. I’ve been (finally, after so much time hanging with the home made version) feeling the soreness that so many talked about but that I din’t experienced yet. Now I know what to reach for, and how to do it. That’s why I’m planning to stay at this weight for at least a couple more sessions, until the soreness fades, then it’s time to hang more weight.

My gains are not comparable to some guys that have posted tremendous gains in only one month (or maybe weeks) with the new Hanger. I’m not fortunate (yet) to have the privacy to hang 4-5 days a week. Nevertheless I think my gains are pretty good, and I was finally able to crush this damn plateau that I was on for almost a year.

Well, here are the gains: 0.2 cm (~0.08”) in erect length. My flaccid size is about the same, but I feel that maybe it’ll change. I’m not worried with girth now because I want to focus first on length. As of now I have an erect girth from 14.5 cm (~5.71”) to 15.5 cm (~6.1”). Also, I think that my base girth as grown a little, but I didn’t measure it.

My goals are to reach in erect length 10” NBP (I’m now 8.8” BP and ~7.3” NBP) and in erect girth 6.5”-7” MS and BH (I’m now 5.71”-6.1” MidShaft and 5.32”-5.71” Behind the Head). From the rate of growth that I’ve experienced with the Bib Hanger with this kind of schedule, I expect to reach my long term goal in 33 months, which will be around November 2004. I’ll be 25 by then, so I’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the not married life with a bigger dick :)

Thanks for the inspiration of all here that made me buy the Bib Hanger, and first of all, thanks to Bib for all the work he’s done in helping hundreds (maybe thousands) of guys to have a tool capable of making them reach the size they’ve always wanted, safely.




Wow, thanks, I need to go get a tissue. Keep the gains up and let us know.


Wow, Bigger liked that post so much he blew his wad and now has to clean up…. yuck. LOL

Man Hugeness, ROTFL :)

Regarding my post, I even think that there could be another mm or so, because when I measured I wasn’t with a 100% erection (about 95%), so maybe I can pull of another mm or so. I’m just glad that I was finally able to break that plateau that almost made me stop PE forever. Luckily Bib came up with that awesome product :) Now I just need to buy an apartement to live by myself. I’m certain that more and bigger gains will come :)



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