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Wrapping to remove discoloration


Helping bring this old thread back to life.

How were the results for those of you who did the wrapping to remove discoloration? Do I understand correctly that to wrap for this we should only wrap the base or would it be more effective to wrap the entire shaft?

Also if it’s base only, would it work as well to wear a soft silicone cockring around the shaft and balls for a few hours a day? Not too tight to cut off blood flow and tight enough to get a slight engorgement? The reason I ask this is I’ve found that the silicone ring doesn’t cause any numbness, tingling, darkening, or other problems.

Thanks for any help guys.


Anyone get results from this? I would assume it would take time and consistency.

Man, where did everyone go in this thread? I’m just starting to clamp and would like to incorporate some preventative techniques before it gets bad.

I tried wrapping as described in this thread. It didn’t do anything positive for my discoloration and may have even contributed to the darkening.

Discoloration from PE seems to be from several different mechanisms. Maybe wrapping can help in some cases. Not mine.

It’d be nice to hear some more results from this, also, what kind of time periods one might be looking at before one sees results. Thanks

Also, it seems that my wrap isn’t tight enough to hold back outbound blood flow, but somehow my penis got frighteningly cold to the touch. I obviously took it off at this, although it didn’t really seem significantly tight.

Any thoughts on why typically the discoloration starts an inch or so from the base? Which happens to be right where the silicone sleeve ends on my pump.

Could the fact that my base is expanding into the sleeve of the pump which is keeping it from expanding as much as the rest of the shaft be keeping that area from discoloring?

Bringing this old thread back to life and almost positive I won’t get much response. I have tried to wrap to remove discoloration and have found it does nothing for me. So if the concept is to restrict blood flow and hope that new blood or fluid will go into those areas, wouldn’t a clamp do the same thing? I would think a clamp would have the same effect as wrap.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Schlong
I would think a clamp would have the same effect as wrap.

I’ve read through this thread a couple of times now, and the best I can figure, Bigger is suggesting long-ish sessions with a base wrap. Clamping would presumably be very short periods of time. What timeframes did you keep the wrap on, Mr. Schlong? Did you ever find anything that worked in the slightest for discoloration? Do you know what specific PE techniques created the issue? Frustrating.


Am I breaking the rules if I do one more set?


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