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Wrapping to remove discoloration


Helping bring this old thread back to life.

How were the results for those of you who did the wrapping to remove discoloration? Do I understand correctly that to wrap for this we should only wrap the base or would it be more effective to wrap the entire shaft?

Also if it’s base only, would it work as well to wear a soft silicone cockring around the shaft and balls for a few hours a day? Not too tight to cut off blood flow and tight enough to get a slight engorgement? The reason I ask this is I’ve found that the silicone ring doesn’t cause any numbness, tingling, darkening, or other problems.

Thanks for any help guys.


Anyone get results from this? I would assume it would take time and consistency.

Man, where did everyone go in this thread? I’m just starting to clamp and would like to incorporate some preventative techniques before it gets bad.

I tried wrapping as described in this thread. It didn’t do anything positive for my discoloration and may have even contributed to the darkening.

Discoloration from PE seems to be from several different mechanisms. Maybe wrapping can help in some cases. Not mine.

It’d be nice to hear some more results from this, also, what kind of time periods one might be looking at before one sees results. Thanks

Also, it seems that my wrap isn’t tight enough to hold back outbound blood flow, but somehow my penis got frighteningly cold to the touch. I obviously took it off at this, although it didn’t really seem significantly tight.

Any thoughts on why typically the discoloration starts an inch or so from the base? Which happens to be right where the silicone sleeve ends on my pump.

Could the fact that my base is expanding into the sleeve of the pump which is keeping it from expanding as much as the rest of the shaft be keeping that area from discoloring?

Bringing this old thread back to life and almost positive I won’t get much response. I have tried to wrap to remove discoloration and have found it does nothing for me. So if the concept is to restrict blood flow and hope that new blood or fluid will go into those areas, wouldn’t a clamp do the same thing? I would think a clamp would have the same effect as wrap.

Serious starting point: Nov. 2, 2009/BPEL 5.75 x 4.75 inches.

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Originally Posted by Mr. Schlong
I would think a clamp would have the same effect as wrap.

I’ve read through this thread a couple of times now, and the best I can figure, Bigger is suggesting long-ish sessions with a base wrap. Clamping would presumably be very short periods of time. What timeframes did you keep the wrap on, Mr. Schlong? Did you ever find anything that worked in the slightest for discoloration? Do you know what specific PE techniques created the issue? Frustrating.


Am I breaking the rules if I do one more set?

Originally Posted by Bib

Well, I am glad you asked for what I think. I really do not know what the actual physical mechanism is for this. But I have a 95% confidence rate that wrapping is the reason for the disappearing of my discoloration.

I think that the discoloration is not actual bruising. Rather it is a pushing of blood into unusual areas under pressure of jelqing, ulis or hanging. The blood crosses semipermeable membranes that usually retain the blood. The pressure moves it into interstitial (sp?) spaces. When the pressure is removed, it is stuck there.

Be careful not to wrap too tight, or you will cut down the amount of blood flowing INTO the area above the wrap. The single reason this is effective is the inflow of blood is internal while the outflow of blood is external.

When you wrap below (toward the base) the discolored area, pressure will begin to build up if the wrap is tight enough. The wrap will retard the return flow of blood. Then the swelling above the wrap will further reduce the flow. However, at some point, the pressure built up above the wrap will become great enough to push past the wrap. That is, if the wrap is loose enough.

When you have done this several times, it is possible to have a relatively normal flow of blood and a goodly amount of pressure above the wrap. If the pressure is high enough, the semipermable membranes will open allowing the formerly trapped blood to escape. Or it could be if wrapped long enough, fluid rather than blood is pushed into the spaces effectively ‘washing’ the old trapped blood out. Whatever, the old blood will be removed given enough time under pressure.

When you have experimented with this for a while, it is possible to wear the wrap in public for hours. If the pressure becomes too high, it may require a gentle squeeze on the head to relieve some. However, it will build up again fairly quickly.

IMHO, this will also substantially increase the size of the head and upper shaft. It is also great for holding the expansion after an Uli session or jelqing. Once mastered, I think this is the ultimate passive PE.

Make sure the wrapped area is wide enough. You want to use at least 1.5 inch strips of elastic wrap and cover an area a couple inches wide. This will be much more comfortable.


So you’re saying use an ace bandage wrap to wrap at the base to limit the flow of blood out of the penis? Isn’t this essentially just doing what a stretchy cock ring would do?


Any feedback on removing longterm discoloration?

I tried heat, cold, Amlactin, jelqing, tight wrap, loose wrap.. Thoughts?

What Works?

I’m sure there has been plenty of time for everyone to figure out what cures discoloration right? Where are the solid answers? I used to just use a short, maybe, 3 inch x 3 inch band of Theraband, hanging 10 lbs for 20 min intervals for up to 3 hours a day without any discoloration… Now, I tried the written guide to wrapping with the spiraling down to the base and everything and I get serious discoloration or slippage. I’m hoping that jelqing will fix this discoloration.

PS: I might add that I recently recovered from a dime size blister on my head, applied neosporin, I waited for the surface to heal up and the scab to obviously be safely and naturally gone. (I waited close to a week and a half, I could barely stand waiting) ugh

Tonight I hung a 10 lb for 20 minutes and right where the blister was, it looks like blood is underneath the skin, no bumps; just dark.
I apologize for so TMI, although the information might help someone else figure out what causes what.


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