wrapping problems,maybe?, and which angle should I focus on?

When I hang SO, my head gets purple, and sometimes numb. I thought the hanger was too tight, so when I loosened it, it slipped down a little and kind of chaffed. When I have told Bib about it before, he said it sounds like a wrapping problem. I use theraband for the top wrap, and I cut up some old cotton shorts to make the bottom wrap. When I first started hanging and did the wrap, I did it too tightly, because the same thing happened-it got purple at the head. So I started to wrap more loosely, and had less of that problem. But that was when I was hanging BTC. Now when I hang SO, I get that problem again. I can last the whole 20 minutes, but I think it is probably bad to have all that fluid trapped up there in the head. Bib also told me, on his site, that I should choose a primary angle and stick with that until totally fatigued. The problem with that is, I don’t feel like I am gaining at all with the BTC(even though it’s only been about 3 1/2 weeks of only BTC), and it is also kind of uncomfortable doing it the way I figured out I could do it at my home. And the only way I can multi-task when doing BTC is by watching TV, and that gets very boring. But the way I have my SO set up, I can do this at my computer, and I am always on my computer. I also have it set up to where I can do OTS at the computer too, although I haven’t hung that way yet. So I need help figuring out if it “is” the wrapping that is giving me the problems, or if is something else, because I WANT to gain ;) . And I know everyone is different, but what angles gave you guys here the most gains, or at least your first ones that you could suggest I stick with? Thanks for any input.