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wrapping necessary??

wrapping necessary??

I began hanging a month ago and am currently hanging 7 lbs. I am using Tom Hubbards hanger as I found it was a little easier to construct at home. I wrapped the pvp piping (with the cotton wrap that you use when you sprain an arm or leg) for a nice cushioning and used 2 machine screws. When I had finished construction I was eager to try out my new contraption but lacked Thermaband or a swimcap so I tried it without wrapping. I have not have any problems (other than one incident where the hanger began slipping off the first time I tried 7 lbs because I had only 1 machine screw and a zapstrap at the other end)

Is the only use for the wrap material to grip the hanger or should I wrap for another reason?

Strength and Honour


A few people hang without wrap. Its a comfort thing I guess, when you start going up to higher weights i think you will need to wrap but for now if you can hang comfortably without then I dont think it makes much difference.


Wrapping helps prevent pinching, and other similar nasty things that could happen to the skin. So, yes I would wrap, even if it works fine without.

Thank you. I’ll have to look into getting some Thermaband in that case.

Strength and Honour

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