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Wrapping for Hanging: Bib vs SWM Method?

Wrapping for Hanging: Bib vs SWM Method?

Hey guys,

Been a long time since I’ve started a thread on Thunders. Still love this place and it’s really the only forum I creep on.

I’ve been using a Wench to hang for ages — so much in fact, I’ve worn one out already. Recently I decided to up my hanging game and purchased a Malehanger (Bib wanted $40 USD for snail mail shipping on top of the hanger — with the conversion to CAD, $180 just didn’t work for me).

So, I love the Malehanger, hate me if you will. I can already hang up to 15 pounds and basically hang 10 - 12.5 every day to get to fatigue, I’m encountering some pinching issues where the hanger closes at the top. Getting a minor skin issue, and can see that it’s from my wrap pinching the skin due to the closing force of the hanger.

For simplicity, I wrap according to StillWantsMore’s method of a single 2” wide double wrap (cotton underneath and self adhering bandage on top without any spiralling on concentric wraps as Bib suggests. This method served me well for a while, but now the pinching is getting mildly annoying, though nothing crazy.

Long and short of it, I’m wondering if Bib’s method helps to prevent pinching? Looking for educated opinions here and not speculation, as I’ve been hanging for a long time now. I respect the “vets” but there are more than a few vids out there showing the SWM way. One of them on MoS or some other site shows a guy using that wrapping method while using a Bib starter.

I’m a 6.75 x 5.5 btw. And don’t have a big thick flaccid like the guys I’ve seen who don’t use Bib’s wrapping technique.

I’m about to try Bib’s way today with my current wrap materials and no theraband, but just wondering what other experienced hangers have found works best.

I find the SWM method to be fine, but if I can stop that pinching at the top of the hanger I’m pretty much set perfect. Yes, there are lots of threads about wrapping, but I haven’t seen many where experienced guys discuss what they’ve tried and why they settled on their final technique.

originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.375" BPEL x 6.75" EG (ms)

Hidden details: Finding xeno: a penis tale; Some photos: Tiger

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Originally Posted by xenolith
HTW: its a wrap


Hah! I was just reading your post earlier xeno!

I’ll head out and grab some scuncies (?) later and try your method.

My main worries are:

*Will the tightness of the hair ties prevent it from bunching and pinching the skin where the hanger closes?
*Will this work as a standalone wrap without a top layer of self adhesive bandage or similar?

The wrap is definitely my issue, as I’m religious about setting myself up as low as possible in the “pee tube channel” of the hanger.

We’ll see. Thanks for the input! Looks much easier in theory.

I like Xeno’s HTW idea of wrapping and I’ve used it, it’s simple and easy to understand. I also like SWM’s way of wrapping. I don’t know how well it would work at very high weights (SWM wrap). I’ve never been crazy about Bib’s way of wrapping. I love Bib, bought his hanger, he’s always there to give info but his lack of videos leaves something to be desired. Maybe that’s why I’m not crazy about his wrap. No visuals. I’m a hands on visual learner so I’ve gone with SWM’s wrap because it’s right there to see in detail.

Ive never had a problem with the HTW bunching or pinching and I’ve used it as a stand alone and with that self adhesive tape.

Thanks for the replies kingscounty. :D

It’s good to hear that there’s no pinching with xeno’s idea. Those particular Scuncies are really hard to find!

I might have to suck it up and buy some on Amazon at a premium. Everything I’ve found has too large an inside diameter to snug up to my penis properly. Why is it all this McGuyver PE gear is always so elusive locally?

Definitely agree on the difficulty getting Bib’s ideas due to the lack of vids. He’s stuck back in the 90s — just look at his website and ordering process.

I’ve seen the Bib way shown in the video section on here, and just can’t get my head around the advantage of the spiral technique. I’ve tried it a few times now and just couldn’t find an advantage for comfort or the ability for the hanger to grip the penis more.

It’s so true about the “elusive PEgear” lol!

I agree about Bib…again the guy is a pioneer and is always there to help….assuming it’s him. Either way someone on his forum is there to help. I give him a lot respect giving away the info and how to on a homemade hanger. But I do wish it was up speed with videos and pictures.

I use a combination of Bib and SWM’s method. I use the cloth under wrap like SWM and follow it up with the strips of Thera. It served me well, although I would experience pinching on top at times.

Serious starting point: Nov. 2, 2009/BPEL 5.75 x 4.75 inches.

Current BPEL 7 1/2 x 5.5 inches.

Goal: BPEL 8 x 6 inches. Hell, if I hit 8, I'm going for 9!

I use MMA hand wrap bib style with self grip wrap over works well.

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