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Wrapping drawings

Well last night did loose wrap like was suggested. I can say that there was very little coldness and no discoloration, this was a first since I started hanging. It feels somewhat weird hanging this way since some of the skin pulls over my head though, the grippers were behind ridge about 1/8”; so that wasn’t a problem.

Just wondering is the skin suppose to pull over head like that or are we suppose to tuck more under the wrap(this is with 5 lbs, and I’m cut)?


>Anyway, on to the question. I noticed you said on the first one or 2 wrap arounds to then pull those forward, I assume this is to tighten the skin so there want be as much slippage and also kind of bundling some skin up top of the wrap?<

It is to pull the skin forward, stretching and smoothing it so that there are fewer wrinkles under the wrap. If you start your wrap one inch behind the coronal ridge, you should have plenty of skin between the hanger and head.

>If this is what you are trying to accomplish, is there some median I need to be working towards? The reason I ask is because if I try to push to much skin forward then I will get mostly skin stretch and don’t feel like I would be hitting the ligs<

Once again, if you want gains, you will have to stretch skin. There is no getting around it. I always varied my placement of wrap and hanger over a period of time. For example, I would stretch skin for a couple of weeks, then inner structures for a couple of months, until I needed to stretch more skin.

>Just wondering is the skin suppose to pull over head like that or are we suppose to tuck more under the wrap(this is with 5 lbs, and I’m cut)?<

It is fine for the skin to go over the head.


Hey bud, thanks a bunch.

Just trying to perfect how I wrap and make sure it is right.


I have just received my BIB hanger and like many uncircumcised PE’er, i have difficulties to get a good wrapping.

Have tried a few techniques recommended here but the results were the same. The loose skin slided out too much for effective hanging.

Was thinking it would be nice to try using a kind of elastic sleeve/tube to wear it on my dick before hanging. The objective is hopefully such a device will help to push the loose skin back and holding it. Thus this tube has to be elastic and fit the flacid dick.

Before I start my hunt for such a device, would anyone here have tried and / or like to comment and feedback.

Thank you.

Every Dick Has Its Day

I dont understand what the wrappings are for please can anyone explain me

thanks alot i am new.


Check out the Tutorials forum and download the videos from tps and lil12big1 to find out more about how to wrap.

Wrapping is used in hanging to protect the shaft skin, provide padding and provide a good surface for attaching the hanger.


I use athletic tape as a wrapping. I wrap it around the shaft of the penis and around the dowels of the hanger. This allows me to minimize the friction between the two and avoid blisters from skin creasing beneath the wrapping. This technique is also the only one that prevents the dowels from inflicting excruciating pains on my penis. Using it I am able to safely and painlessly hang up to 10 lb. I started applying it only a couple of weeks ago but was not systematic in my exercise for the lack of privacy. Since it is relatively much easier than the rest of hanging techniques I tried, I wonder whether it’s fraught with some danger or is simply ineffective.




Thank you very much for these drawings and instructions. The only thing is that they are very difficult to understand.

Is it possible that you or someone else can post a wrapping VIDEO?? This would definitely be more effective.


Awesome. Thank you!

So I’m guessing that I don’t need to wrap if I use a swim cap hanger. Right?

Hi there.
I just start to hang too with a vacextender. I got some problems with this stuff (kind of pimples on the head) and it becomes pretty uncomfortable if I start hanging more than 2kgs..

But actually my ligs can accept nearly 5~7Kgs.

Then I decided to get back to an usual hanger. I got a Frankenstein-like homemade one, but it looks working! The problem is my skin.. It goes over the head and it’s a little painful. I can’t stand, even with a light weight.

I think the problem comes from wrapping, I tried different materials, different positions, nothing works.. If it’s too close to the head, it’s uncomfortable. Further I feel better but I stretch only my skin I think.

I’m 6” long but I got a small head, maybe here is the problem.

I need help guys

If wrapped 100% correct, should I NEVER experience a cold penis head? Or, is there always going to be “some” loss of circulation. Currently doing 3 sets of 15 minutes with breaks in between using 5 lbs on a BIB hanger, wrapping 1 inch below the head and hanging BTC. I started about 1 week ago but can’t say that I’ve felt too much of a burn afterwards either.


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