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Wrapping drawings

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Originally Posted by Heimdall87
I would appreciate this kind of video also. Especially if someone who is uncut and is experienced in hanging.

I guess I found a doable solution from blue-tac but still having major problems with the head pressure. Just can’t get all the blood out from the head.

It’s well known fact that you should and even HAVE to do a good warm-up before hanging but I feel like my unit gets more engorged when heat is applied. So basicly when I do my warm-up -> blood flow to penis increases and then after that when I apply my wrap with blue-tac (using this because uncut) and theraband there’s always gonna be some blood in the head which feels kinda uncomfortable when starting and doing hanging.

What to do? How do I get my head empty from blood!?

Post 123 above from Memento has 2 links to wrapping videos, I didn’t click them to see if they’re still available, but give it a try

If any of you has bought a bib hanger he should contact bib himself and join his forum. Plenty of technical advice, you can also send him pics/videos of the way you wrap and he will help. He doesn’t recommend the bulky wrap of mos video.

Thanks bib

Bib could you please help me I’ve been hanging for a while now using a hanger and its really good I enjoy it and I’m getting fatigued really well but one thing which I am unsure about is the wrapping method and how I should do it as

Every time I do it there is a bit of my circumcision skin hanging out which is causing it to get isolated and lose its blood which make it seem bruised and inflamed and I’m really worried that I might start injuring my penis so I’m wondering if you could inform me on what you would recommend is the best wrapping method. I feel like I am doing it well first wrapping the cloth around my penis just at the start at the circumcision then once that is done I wrap it with the theraband and once thats done and I feel like its a bit loose sometimes I either wrap it with some cohesive sports wrap to make sure its patted down and fits well. If you could either pm me that would be great about what I’m doing that id be really appreciative

1 678910

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