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Wrapping BEFORE heat

Wrapping BEFORE heat

Well, I understand the reason for using heat before PE so I would drape the wrap and hanger over the rice sock while warming up. Finally, I had the idea to wrap FIRST then heat the whole thing! Keeps everything warmer and I am more apt to re-wrap if I am not completely happy the 1st time.

Heating Protocol

I heat my dick with the rice sock, then wrap to keep the heat in my dick, then attach the hanger (which I don’t pre-warm, but could), then hang standing (BTC)— I use a spring balance—while holding the rice sock against my lower abdomen and dick while I type replies to Thunder’s Place left handed into my computer.

I would have thought that heating the dick first rather than wrapping it in insulating material and then trying to heat it was the best application of practical physics????

Rob, "the person formerly known as P9"

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P9, Yes, I understand the physics. I discovered this after staying wrapped and going for another set. The heat saturates the wrap quickly and lasts longer. Give it a shot and let us know your oppinion. Works for me.

Right or wrong, I don’t apply heat until after hanging begins. The reasons are 1) I don’t believe heat is as critical when hanging as opposed to jelqing. 2) Heat while wrapped w/o hanger tends to makes the glans fill up with blood, whichs leads to high pressure/discomfort while hanging. (thus I don’t use heat between sets anymore)

I use a rice “bag” rather than a sock. My sweet wife made it by sewing two square washcloths together and partially filling with 2 lbs of rice. It nicely lays over the whole hanging “system”.

Although now I mainly hang BTC which is makes it hard to type this message while using one hand to hold the bag against Mr. Wille.

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