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wrap question

wrap question

I just started hanging 2 weeks ago with the chicken choker hanging 2.5 pounds. That worked fine, but to get more weight I started wrapping as advised in this forum, using an ace bandage. It seems to wrap fine, I can piss with it wrapped, and it holds the new weight of 5 pounds without slipping, but I can’t get the blood squeezed out while wrapping. I start flaccid and squeeze the head to empty it of blood, but during the wrapping process it seems to trap blood in the head and I end up with a semi-engorged cock to hang with. I like the 5 lbs. weight and can feel it in my ligs, but my cock head feels ballooned by the wrap pulling toward it, and it feels like pretty extreme pressure. I can go 20 minutes and not feel any pain, and my cock head turns darker but not cold. Is this pressure okay, or should I try to find a way to keep the head empty while wrapping? It doesn’t hurt, but the pressure is kind of concerning me. If it’s normal with more weight and wrapping, I’ll get used to it. I just want to be careful. Thanks for any input.


After you have wrapped, push or pull the wrapped bundle forward, over the head a bit, and then squeeze a little. This should force most of the blood back past the wrap. Then put on your hanger.


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