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Wrap issue

Wrap issue


I’m using a silver Thera-Band over sweatshirt.
The thera can’t be used alone as it cuts into the skin.

The problem is that the sweatshirt folds a little as the thera
is wrapped more tightly around it. The thera also folds on itself some because the wrap close to the head needs to be looser then the rest. All of this cause skin pinching.
Solution ?


I’m fine with just the Thera-brand. But then my dick is swimcap tough, lol. I will probably need to add some cloth as I increase in weight, so I will watch this thread for future reference. Have found that if I get the timing just right on pulling my fingers out on the first wrap & then wrap just right the There-brand alone won’t bunch & fold. I will experiment with a snug cloth wrap & let you know what I find

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using sweatshitr/thera combo, I wrap rather snug right from the get go. Im going 1.5 times around with the cloth before I start spiriling down.It isn’t bunching or pinching for me…don’t know what to tell ya

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I would question why the theraband is cutting into you. maybe you wrap too tight?

It does adhere to my skin and its rather tender peeling it off after an hour of hanging. Using baby powder on the skin prior to wrapping helps a lot.

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