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Wrap is sliding up?

Wrap is sliding up?

Ok guys. I’ve been hanging for about a couple of weeks now with 2.5 lbs. I’m hanging mostly straight out but once every couple of days I will hang SD. I’m going for 3 twenty minute sets with warmup and warmdown. I think I’ve got my wrapping down but have started to have a slight problem. Maybe once a night my wrap will slide halfway over the head of my dick and bring the hanger right along with it. I’m thinking that this is not good and wondered if any of you guys had experienced the same thing or might know what I’m doing wrong. I’m using about 10-12 inches of an Ace bandage for my wrap and the Wench to hang with. I’m using a medium Cable Clamp and can get 3 clicks with it until it is as tight as it gets. I’m also a grower so when I hang my flaccid is very very thin. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Sometimes you need to re-wrap in between your sets. Sometimes when you wrap at first your penis may be more engorged than when you have it in the hanger. Your penis shrinks, and the wrap slips. This is what happens to me anyway. Re-wrapping is a pain in the ass, I know.

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I only have experience with a bib but I did have to readjust the hanger more at first. Sounds like your not getting a good bit on the inter structures. Also, too much wrap can cause slipping. This has been my experience with a bib hanger, not sure if it will help with a Wench.

Hello,I had a similar problem ,however it was with the peg leg,I don’t use rubber bands,I use a short piece of surgical tubing
Doubled,which exerts a very strong pull.what helped was a slight modification. Which begins by taking the capn’s wench and removing the grippers,set them aside as they won’t be used in this scenario
To replace the grippers take a wooden clothes pin and separate
It,so now you have two pieces of wood ,notice that they have a wedge shape,much like a door stop, you know the wedge you kick under a door to hold it open. The wrapping process begins with a light wrap with the thin sponge type stuff that comes with white athletic tape I think it’s called taping base it is very thin ,next
The wedges are wrapped in place ,I use the black sticky wrist wrap
A short piece ,just enough to go around maybe one and a half times
This is the wrap that will secure the wedges ,make sure to place the flat side of the wedge next to the skin with the fat end pointing away from you ,also I pad the ends of the wedges with a little taping base and tape,as they will be flush with the head,now just
Strap on the wench and clamp as the wench slides forward the wedges will resist this by spreading the wench slightly creating more gripping strength.this works very well for me and hope it helps

Sorry ,I forgot to add that for this type of stetch I use a mini wench
Which is a capns wench cut to half the width, thanks

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Alright thanks for the help everyone.

Originally Posted by iyankum
similar problem ,however it

iyankum - can you take a look at this and try to end sentences with a period and separate sentences with a space? You aren’t the first guy to type a space then a comma to separate your thoughts and I don’t quite understand why that is done. We encourage members to post in proper English, which includes proper use of punctuation, so our members who do not speak English can a) have good examples of how it’s written and b) won’t come to think that typing with … or no caps or your odd use of the comma are correct.

And best of luck to you in your P.E endeavors.

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