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Wow try this!

Wow try this!

It seems that my septum is what’s stopping my length. I could be wrong but I think it is that because when I use my static stretcher or vac extender and the tissues all relax and I can’t go any further my penis is soft and flexible but the septum feels like a band of steal in the middle. If you read my progress report you will see I’m trying to keep some kind of tension on my penis at all times and to hang a few hours per week also. I have been doing the hanging in the AM but the other night I did it after 6 hrs in the static stretcher and WOW it felt like it was pulling my septum in 2. All of the other tissues were fully relaxed so the septum took all of the pull. I’m going to keep doing this because I have a hard time going higher then 5# but it seems 5# is not enough to stretch my septum unless I do it like this first. If anyone has any thought or trys this post it up. Thanks

Umm.Translation anyone?

Hmm… ya I think stretching the septum is a good thing… it seems obvious that what is holding one back is whatever is taut when stretched (if you are going for length). But I would advise you to take days off and when you stop gaining go on a deconditioning break. Your body will adapt to any new force, days off trick it into not adapting as quickly, but it will eventually. Then the choice is to do increasingly “advanced” exercises / routines (ie escalation), or to take a deconditioning break and come back when your unit has dropped it’s guard.

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Maybe I’m not explaining it well but if you try it you will understand. Maybe the concept of the static stretch is not understood either. The idea of the static stretcher is for the tissues to relax into the stretch until you need hardly any force to be at that length then you can re apply the force to take it to a new length until it relaxes into that length. Eventually you will get to a point where you are stretched longer then you normally can and it will require almost no force to be at that length at that point if put on your hanger you will feel stress ONLY in the part that is holding back your length gains. Hopefully someone with a good understanding of the static stretching will chime in and maybe explain the concept better then me but if you have a hanger and static stretcher try it and you will understand.

I’m no doctor , but I thought the septum was in your nose?

There is a septum in your nose… it turns out there is also one in your unit.

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Gonna, the Septum is the key. If we could just learn how to get that septum to give, it would make the difference. I don’t know how either. I have said for a long time this is the big issue. Everything will give but that! Iowa

It was pointed out by another member that the septum is made up of circumferential fibers which are not strong in the pull direction. It was then discussed that the taut tissue is probably the longitudinal fibers of the dorsal thickening coupled with the suspensory ligament.

It really doesn’t matter what it is called and I agree it seems to be my limiting factor. I have tried many things to break the length plateau I have been on for several years. My latest attempt is with increasingly heavy hanging twice a week. The sets range from 7 to 10 minutes only. My max right now is 20 lbs. My angle is straight down.

The collagen fibers will yield, but my problem is that the yield point exceeds my pain threshold. I have noticed that the first 5 minutes of my heaviest set is quit tolerable. It is the next few minutes when the pain threshold starts to be reached. Numbness is not a factor. Skin stretch is not a factor. Head pressure is not a factor as mine is almost flaccid. So it must be the internal structures which are carrying the load. My hope is that these fibers are breaking and the bundles will eventually yield. So far I have avoided retraction by doing this only every 3 or 4 days. I do not use an ADS and instead clamp and jelq.

My hope is that I can continue to increase the weight and eventually start gaining again. I have noticed a slight amount of lost sensation during intercourse but my experience is that this returns after a break from heavy hanging.

Did anyone figure out how to get the septum to yield? It’s my limiter as well, “steel band” in the middle and all..

Were thinking fulcrums will put stress directly on the septum. I was told fulcrums to the side should do the trick.

A rice-sock-duct-tape fulcrum will isolate the septum.

Wantsmores are good for that too.

Expanding on the concept of wantsmores: you can hang weight off the ring, for example in an OTS position strap the weight to the ring itself.. then hold the end of the penis for 10 minutes or so.. and get a half-hands-free fulcrum stretch.


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