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Wondering whether to hang w/ 12 and 1/2 lbs or 15

Wondering whether to hang w/ 12 and 1/2 lbs or 15

Just got back into Pe from a long drought guys so hey to all! Right now I’m wondering Wondering whether or not to hang w/ 12 and 1/2 lbs or 15. I’ve gotten to the point where I hung for 2 1/2 months w/ 10 pounds and got a little over a quarter of an inch. And I’m in need of some serious quick gains. I’ve got 7 1/4, just enough to hit the back of a girl’s pussy, I need about a half inch. What I’m thinking of doing is hanging with 15 pounds but I’m scared that once I do that my ligs will be tougher to reach the really longer lengths and I’m just going to have to keep upping the weight. If some of the pro’s or peeps with a lot of hanging gains give me some insight I’d really appreciate it.

I would not advise a move up just on the “need for some serious quick gains”. That will only lead to plateauing. PATIENCE is a virtue in PE. if you don’t have it two things will happen. toughening and possible shrinkage. Yes SHRINKAGE. Read here in Thunder’s where those who have conducted aggressive routines have ended up complaining about how they lack gains and so increased their weights or time, or both only to become disillusioned and frustrated. When over aggressive measures are used it usually will produce swelling and some look upon this as good. It marks to the individual that your accomplishing something. It says I have caused change and that is what I want. What actually happens is that the inflammation brings with it an inordinate amount of healing enzymes and other properties that create a super healing atmosphere where when the healing process is done you are left with tougher ligs that have recuperated to their original length. Then you are left with the bodies challenge to overcome what you have created.

More is not better in PE.

The better principle is find the lowest point at which you gain and stay there until you see no more gains then and only then increase you weight a little. Keep track of your progress and don’t let anxiousness rule your logic.

Be happy with slow steady gains rather then great leaps of inches. They generally DON’T happen.

My gains were not that great when you look at the big picture. I did manage consistency though and that is where it seems that I got great results. In actuality I only gained about 1/8” per month. That is difficult to measure in soft tissue. Mostly I didn’t pay any attention to erect gains as they were difficult to nail down concretely, instead I measured FSBPL. Never-the-less gains should only be measured once a month. Any shorter period then that and your going to find yourself saying that your not gaining enough and want to push harder. Don’t do it. Be patient and allow time to accomplish not your ego and personal immediate needs.

Stay at 10 pounds if that is where you got a 1/4 inch already. 2 or 3 months from now, my bet is you’ll have another 1/4”.

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Start with your 12.5 and hang until it feels like 100, then drop her down. I would get as close with your hanger as you are with your underwear. When I was hanging, I kept the Bib on my belt with a camera case, I had things laying everywhere that were used as weight.

Thanks guys, more input needed though. Come on with some more posts!

Maybe 5 pounds would be smarter. Start slow. I have never hung before, but I read alot on here, and it’s better to max out one weight until you get no gains, and move up from there.

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