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With a Low Exit Point, should Upper Angle Hanging be started

With a Low Exit Point, should Upper Angle Hanging be started

I think I have exhausted most of my minuscule gains with downward hanging, as my erection is just a bit above parallel now. I’m thinking the suspensory is not restricting much length, and something else deep inside is.

Would upper angle hanging be beneficial? I have a pulley system, that mounts to the ceiling, so It hangs almost pointed up, when I’m sitting down in the couch.

Thanks guys.
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I’m a big fan of “working the angles”. I suggest warming up your penis, then pulling it (manually) through as many angles as possible to find your “limiting factor”, then working that angle.

I’m not a big fan of OTS or SU hanging: this is where most guys experience discoloration or injury. If this is where you really want to go, research it carefully and start at low intensity.


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