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wide base - do women like it?

wide base - do women like it?

The thicker base resulting from hanging - do women enjoy the stretch they get from this?



I can report one vote of yes. Especially if there is hair stubble on the shaft.



Are you being sarcastic, or does stubble cause some kind of enjoyable friction/stimulation for her?


I am being serious. It is actually very simple. The stubble provides more friction, and friction moves the world.


By stubble you mean shaved as close to the skin as possible?

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1/8-1/4 inch seems to work best.


Thanks for the replies. I was thinking that since the first few inches of the vagina are where all the nerves reside, then perhaps as she slide down upon a wide/thick base and was stretched even further, the result would be more pleasure to some degree due to the friction, etc.



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