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Why we don't gain from hanging

Originally Posted by lostracco
JB - I got fired on the 30th.. Soo about 3 weeks now. I was doing a good amount of sets while I was still working though.. So, I’ve always hung at least 12 sets a day.


So you’ve logged over 210 hours strapped in the hanger within 3 weeks? WOW!

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

That is a ton of time. Your dick has got to be longer?

Originally Posted by bubba77
He’s not saying hang 50 pounds from your dick for 2 minutes. He’s saying hang as long as possible, with the lightest amount of weight to reach fatigue. And Happy didn’t you say that rest isn’t a good idea? That one should hang 7 days a week if possible? Well you guys are saying the same thing!

Bubba hit the nail on the head, at least from my point of view.

1) Determine how much time you can devote each day. Nobody knows what the ideal is. I doubt one exists for every person at every stage of PE. Bib hung (hung or hanged?) all day, yet he has speculated that he would have obtained similar results using less time. Most aren’t in a situation to hang all day, so “the more time the better” is appropriate general advice.

1a — newbie note) Keep in mind that being new to hanging you shouldn’t expect to, nor try to, rip your new hanger out of the box (or take it off your workbench) and immediately start wearing it for hours. If you do, you’ll probably get hurt. Learning to wrap and attach properly and consistently will initially consume much of your time. Plus, if you are circumsized you’ll likely need to spend time deliberately stretching skin to develop enough slack to allow you to adequately pull on the internal structures in the lower angles without skin supporting the weight.

Particularly when starting out, but always, realize the hanger is not attached directly to a tough ligament. The hanger applies pressure through more delicate tissues (skin, veins, nerves, etc.) to obtain its grip on the CC’s. You want to work up slowly in both time and weight to allow these relatively wimpy tissues to condition to the stresses.

2) Use the amount of weight required to obtain and maintain a good stretch with the time you have available. In general, the more time you spend hanging, the less weight is required. The goal should be to use the least amount of weight necessary to maintain a good worked feeling, aka “riding the fatigue.” Depending on how long you’re hanging, you might use a constant amount of weight through all your sets, or if hanging many sets per day you may need to reduce the weight. For what it’s worth, Bib ended his hanging for the day when he had reduced to half of his starting weight.

3) Don’t deliberately take rest days. The idea is to establish and maintain a reasonable level of fatigue (a mild, not painful, stretched, well-worked feeling) using the least amount of weight necessary. If you take time off to allow for healing/strengthening, you’ll need more weight to get back to where you left off.

Many on this forum are familiar with strength training. The goal is to lift heavier weights. Such training is based on striving toward increasing the weight over time while allowing adequate recovery between workouts to allow for adaptation. You want to become stronger.

Hanging is the opposite approach. Minimize the amount of recovery. Ride a good stretch while using the least amount of weight required to accomplish the task.

Originally Posted by lostracco

Again that’s HALF right.


Good! Tell it to your teacher Bib, because that’s where I took that excerpt:

See? You are trying to defend a theory that is inconsistent.

Originally Posted by longerstretch

…Look at DLD he didn’t really hang long but if you look at his manual routines he was always hitting every angle and because of his OCD he would stretch all day.

Yeah, pretty much the same school.

Originally Posted by lostracco
I’ve gained almost 2 inches now since I started.. hanging like this w/o rest days. That’s been about 2 years.

Basing on your data:

updated just few days ago:

starting BPEL : 5.813
29-05-14 BPEL : 7.00

so you gained nowhere 2”, but 1.187”. You do need to refresh your maths basis or to cut on bullshits.

And FYI, those gains are what many members get in the same amount of time, doing just a manual based routine for few hours weekly, and with deconditioning breaks here and there.
AKA, without living like recluses and throwing their life out of the window.

Good post hobby!

If you think ‘riding the fatigue’ is unsafe, then you just don’t understand it. Just switch angles if you’re fatiguing one angle too much. If you injure yourself, you’ve obviously gone too far. Hanging 10 hours a day is safe IF you build up to it by only adding 1x 20 minute set per week. Your body is adjusted then… Also, you’re almost doing an ADS type workout if you’re hanging that much, and as lostracco mentioned, he uses less weight/ more time.
What he’s doing is much safer than the people who are doing 2-4 sets per day with really heavy weight (relatively speaking). They have less time to get fatigue, so they are forced to use more weight/ which increases the chance of an injury.

The whole point of ride the fatigue is to use as little weight as possible to hit the fatigue you need—and since you’re continually creating microtears, or re-opening existing ones, you prevent your penis from healing shorter.

I know the philosophy worries some of you veterans because some newbie might read it and decide to hang weights from his dick for 10 hours.

You don’t need a rest day in hanging. Instead, just take a light day with less sets at a different angle, or substantially reduce your weight. If you’re doing less weight, great—as long as you have not injured yourself, then you have successfully fatigued your penis. The worst thing you can do is to let it heal shorter—and you should only do that if you have an injury…

Personally, I believe in riding the fatigue.

I don’t know if deacon breaks help, but I do know hanging is much more effective if you’re doing daily split sets.

What hanger ever made consistent solid gains with inconsistent hanging & frequent rest days?

I agree that using a very low weight is basically doing the same than wearing an ADS. ADS don’t cause micro-tears, anyway, that’s why you can wear them day after day for many hours.

I would question why living like a recluse, doing hanging with minimal weights, when you can wear an ADS/extender and at, least, go to walk or to a see a movie with your friends ( An ADS does not need to be removed every 20 minutes also, so it is generally more effective.).

We don’t need that people become more obsessed than already is with penile issues - mental health isn’t less important than physical health.

The “riding the fatigue” is a marketing slogan to impress gullible people: it really doesn’t explain anything, years have passed and no one seems to be able to give to that sentence a consistent meaning. This whole theory “it will heal anyway - but use low weight -but ride the fatigue -but take a day off if you are fatigued” is a nonsense. This same thread, and others like this, are a proof of that.

Find a proof that collagenous tissue heals in just one day, or that can heal from appreciable injuries at the same time that new injuries are created. Look at sport: injuries to ligaments and tendons require weeks or months to heal, and sometimes they don’t heal at all, exactly because new stress is added to the previously weakened area. The article I posted few pages earlier explain exactly the same.

“What hanger made consistent gains with rest days?” I could say: you guys that are trying to apply this presumpted bag of knowledge to the T are the one who have made poor gains in years. Many posted those very same things you are posting, but after a while they disappeared without giving any proofs of the expetcted fantastic gains. Where are all those 14” penises this “the more you pull the more it will grow” religion promise?

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And about big gains done with hanging and taking rest days, look here if you haven’t already:

Originally Posted by lil12big1

Second month’s results and observations.


BPEL 15.0cm - 5.91” (+1.0cm)

EG 13.05cm - 5.14” (-0.25cm)

SL 13.3cm - 5.24” (+1.1cm)

………The most surprising thing of all is that this month I haven’t really been pushing it. In fact, because of other obligations, I've only been able to hang sporadically - 4 x per week, some weeks only 2 x. Sometimes I'd do 2 x 20min sets, other times 4 sets. I’m hanging 12.5lbs and even after a month I’m still getting excellent lig stretches so I’ll stay on that weight for a little while yet……


After a jump of 0.5cm in the first two weeks of the month I was VERY surprised to find I'd added as much again in the second half especially given the lesser amount of work I was able to put in.


Lil1’ progress

At least, this fellow has posted PICS of his gains.

About his personal gains: I agree there's plenty of evidence that you don't need to hang every single day to get gains. But-why not maximize your potential? He gained about 1.75” or so (I already forgot)—maybe he would have gained 2” or 2.5” if he had been more consistent… I don't think either side of the argument can prove much without a controlled study.

About ADS vs Hanging…
With an ADS you could be at work/ doing things/ around people-and there’s a limit on most (what is it 8lbs? I’m not sure but it’s quite low—I have never used an ADS, just read about them so I don’t know that offhand). Of course with hanging, there’s no such limitations. If you start getting a really tough dick, you can increase those pounds & break through any plateau—hopefully without breaking your penis too ;)

I agree that ADS vs Hanging low weight for long periods are quite similar; at least if you’re new to hanging and have not yet developed your capacity for more weight. When you first start, if you’re doing very low weight, you almost might as well be using an ADS in some respects. However, eventually, you’ll come to that point where you’re using more weight than a normal ADS allows. Aside.. ADS doesn’t allow true BTC, RSDT, Fulcrums, or other angles which are great if you’re hitting a plateau. There’s virtually limitless angles you can use with hanging. With ADS, you’re limited by public decency needs (Straight out on an ADS would seriously be ‘pitching a tent’ if you were wearing sweats especially! And then what if you run into a wall, or if someone bangs into you!)

Ridiculousness aside…

I think ADS is a great way to go—I’m a big fan of it. However, there are some limitations—those I already mentioned.
1-The possible angles,
2-lack of fulcrum (e.g. RSDT),
3-weight limitations
4-swinging (with hanging, you can swing if you’re not getting fatigued)
5-Hanging = More controlled environment (more control = less injury risk)

My big point here is that in the long run you can go farther & do more with hanging. And it’s a more controlled environment (in your chair at home vs out & about or doing things while wearing an ADS).

For those of us that have to spend a lot of time at home already—hanging makes sense. If you don’t have the privacy, or the time, then ADS is the way to go…

Ride The Fatigue
‘Ride the Fatigue’ — I think hangers that truly do this, can get some good consistent gains. Whether it’s 1/16” or 1/8” inch per month, eventually you’ll reach your length goal. And a great side benefit of hanging is the increased base girth (I think 80% of hangers report girth gains at the base? just a rough guess).

The problem with trying to ‘Ride the Fatigue’ is that its not hard science. You have to go by feel & recognize your limits. If you don’t fatigue your tissues enough, you gains could stall—and if you go to far, you get injured. I think the challenge is for each person to figure out what their limits are—I personally want to push, but never get anywhere close to an injury.

I saw several people tell lostracco they expect to see him in the injury forum. I would only ask, how many veteran hangers that don’t take rest days (who are using proper technique & warmups) actually end up in the injury forum? Is there a record of anyone who was hanging 4 hours a day or more in that forum—and were they seriously injured (e.g. permanently unable to get an erection)?

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Originally Posted by lostracco
I love it how people talk about you like you’re not on the thread!



Originally Posted by bubba77
Happy didn’t you say that rest isn’t a good idea? That one should hang 7 days a week if possible?

Um… Nope.

But I do think that hobby lays it out very well.

Originally Posted by longerstretch
…Look at DLD he didn’t really hang long but if you look at his manual routines he was always hitting every angle and because of his OCD he would stretch all day.

Yeah… Let’s not look at DLD.

He’s not a shining example of anything, except exaggeration (read: lying), narcissism and hucksterism.

He’s a punk and always has been, going back to his Heretix days.

Originally Posted by jb560
My mantra is hang and let hang

:D :funpost:

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

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Originally Posted by blink2000

I saw several people tell lostracco they expect to see him in the injury forum. I would only ask, how many veteran hangers that don’t take rest days (who are using proper technique & warmups) actually end up in the injury forum? Is there a record of anyone who was hanging 4 hours a day or more in that forum—and were they seriously injured (e.g. Permanently unable to get an erection)?

Well I’m not sure to the severity of my injury as my dick still works, but I was hanging for 4 hours or more a day with very few rest days. Only when I couldn’t hang which was few and far between. During my hanging I started this thread to see if there was something else I needed to do in order to facilitate gains. On the 5th of this month is when I experienced my injury and have been resting since. My injury was blood out the tip of my dick. Really freaked me out, but I was hanging 4 hours a day and have logged 160 hours in 40 days which equates to what I stated. Now there were some days in which I hung for 5 hours or more, but for the most part I did 4 hours daily.

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

I have had blood come out on multiple occasions. Is it that big of a deal? It never hurt or anything, it would be after long vac hanging sessions.

Sports injuries and the major tendons and ligaments attaching muscle to bone and bone to bone are quite different in comparison to the ones anchoring the penis to the pubic bone. Yes they may be the same tissue but the penile tendons aren’t designed to bear weight and support bone and I’m pretty sure the risk of developing tendonitis by riding the fatigue is so small as to be an obsolete statistic. I don’t think it heals completely in one day but it does seem to heal considerably fast, or to say, the fatigue built up over days of hanging vanishes rapidly and the penis becomes tougher to reach that level of fatigue with the same weight incredibly fast. The penis is a very important organ in terms of evolutionary survival. Hence it is important to protect, while it can be injured and caution should always be exercised, the body has made it anchored to the body very securely. There have been strong men pulling planes and cars with their dicks!!!

All in all I can already tell a difference and am noticing positive PI’s from just 4 days of riding. I disagree with lostracco that you should ignore negative PIs I don’t see how hanging changes that but so far I’ve been keeping up positive PIs with doing more work.


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