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Why we don't gain from hanging

Originally Posted by longerstretch

You can overtrain with hanging. ..

See? You got my point.

Originally Posted by bubba77

You have a bizarre and, unless I am misunderstanding, quite insignificant argument. These multiple rebuttals of yours all stem to this? I don’t know about lostracco and others, but personally I think there are no need for rest days. When hanging for gains, one should hang 7 days a week, no matter the time of hang per day.

Saying that my argument is bizarre and insignificant doesn’t serve anything. You can’t answer, period.

Originally Posted by longerstretch
You can overtrain with hanging. But riding the fatigue is about using the most weight to reach fatigue. In fact one starts with the max and lowers the weight as fatigue sets in, not the other way around. I think hobby answered your other questions.

You want to use the lowest weight possible to reach fatigue, not the most.

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I get that but if I can reach fatigue with both 10 lbs or 12.5 lbs I go with the 12.5 lbs. I think the main point is to get fatigue and ride it out by lowering the weight.

To cause more damage, for more growth. In the end it equals the same thing. I reach fatigue and the weight is lowered.

The weight is lowered when I reach uncomfortable fatigue, the description of this can be found in the article by Bib. I lower it by 1-2 lbs.

There might be a slight higher possibility. I try to reach enough fatigue that requires the weight to be lowered within 2-3 sets. But I’m not necessarily using a higher than needed weight, I’m just using the highest weight possible to reach fatigue within a set without inflicting pain or injury. No teeth gritting or face slapping during my sets, I’m only aiming to reach fatigue by the end of the set.

Like I said if I feel like I can get fatigue between two weights I pick the heavier one. Dropping weight during a set rarely happens but I’m not above removing 1-2 lbs if it gets too heavy.

I’m sorry I’m not really understanding your statement. Would you kindly clarify it a little for me?

Nevermind I’m assuming your speaking of why hang 6 sets riding the fatigue as opposed to hanging 2-3 sets and trying to up the weight over a period of time. I guess a couple off the top of my head would be to increase time under tension, increasing the frequency of loads and at the same time making them a little more sporadic, and resisting the rebound effect by increasing frequency. Again Bib does a better example of explaining this theory than I ever could.

Here’s some excellent articles…c.php?f=10&t=28
I’ve only read through the first couple of posts but I plan on reading through the whole thing by the end of the week.


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