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Why no hot wrap after hanging?

Why no hot wrap after hanging?

I read in the FAQs that using a hot wrap after hanging can hinder growth by encouraging the penis to return to its normal size. Anyone care to explain this in more detail? Doesn’t heat always counteract shrinkage? Why does hanging not call for hot wraps, but manual stretching and jelqing do? Sorry, but this is a bit confusing for me. Thanks.

I’, not sure hot wrap after hanging can hinder growth, but hot wrap will speed up the healing process. Some people use cold wrap after hanging, and the theory is to keep (freeze) the penis in extended condition.

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Eh? From the beginning I’ve always done a hot wrap after hanging.

Logic would dictate that you heat it up whilst hanging, may be cool down after hanging to ‘freeze’ it in the elongated state. I wonder what the advantage of heat could be after hanging. Although I don’t see any disadvantage I don’t do it since there is no obvious benefit imo.

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I personally do not see the logic in, as it has been said, ‘freezing’ the penis via an application of a minimally cold wrap. That is, you cannot freeze the penis to the extent that you prevent (or even discourage) cellular motion till several hundred negative degrees celsius. What you are in fact encouraging vis-a-vis this above understood application of a cold wrap is retraction, which is, as most hangers will acknowledge, a state to be avoided. What is the point in heating following a hanging session? Well, let’s see: successfully hanging means to create microtears in the lateral and longitudinal fibers of the internal structures of the penis. When this is accomplished, various signal proteins are released from cells within the penis to signal, via certain biological amplification processes, the implementation of various growth and damage control hormones. The application of a heat wrap following a hanging session will serve myriad various ends, not the least of which is to minimize the extent to which cells in the region proximal to the induced microtears will respond by producing damage hormones calling for overly protective prophylactic mechanisms to be set in place which would serve to only hinder future hanging progress. In fact, I can see absolutely NO reason for the application of a cold wrap following hanging. Biologically, it’s senseless.

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