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Why fulcrums work

Why fulcrums work

This just occurred to me, and I feel like a dumb-ass for not seeing it (or saying it) before. Or maybe I already did, but I forgot (senility, you know).

Fulcrums help to promote gains for a very simple reason: they shift the stress induced by the weight or hand to the side of the penis furthest from the fulcrum. Much more stress will be born at the side opposite the fulcrum than at the side closest to the fulcrum.


Hang OTL to the right, but tuck a small cylinder between the shaft and the right leg. THis arrangement forces your shaft to take a right turn under stress. Because the width of the shaft as it takes the corner is not zero, the outer edge of your shaft has to travel further around the corner than the inner edge (closest to the fulcrum). THis means the outer edge will be pulled more strongly than the inner edge.

A force that was previously appled to the whole tunica at once is now focused on the outer edge. Stress in this area is much higher than it would be without the fulcrum.

Get it?

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We’ve had at least one debate about the fulcrum, or v-stretch, thing. I think the conclusion, or at least the one I came away with, was extra localized stress occurs around the rod, hand, pulley or whatever is used. Maybe one of these days we’ll get a physicist here who knows all this stuff inside and out to model the penis with equations few can understand (and I probably won’t be one of them).

Back to thinking in straighter lines, consider this, which is an argument for more stress on the side closest to the rod in one example.

Take your example of hanging to the right with a rod on the right side and pull the rod way over to your left leg. The right side should then be under more stress. So, I don’t think you can have a hard and fast rule. It depends on the hanging angle and how far the rod is in what direction from the shaft exit point.

Apart from all this theoretical crap, things aren’t perfectly straight, even and balanced. Maybe a fulcrum method that would in theory stress one thing stresses another because of a tight spot, shorter CC or whatever. Maybe we’re goofy for even thinking about this stuff. I know some guys feel the most stress from fulcrum hanging on top and others feel it most on the bottom.

You feel it wherever you feel it. Good enough for me. :)

My gosh, you did! Somehow this slipped past me. And may I say, “Great thinking, Penismith!”

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