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Why apply heat only half of the set?

Why apply heat only half of the set?

Why are only supposed to apply heat for half of a hanging set? Is there a specific reason, cause I mean would there be a negative effect if i decided to hang under an IR light constantly for every minut of my hanging sets? I also have another question avout hanging with temperature. Couldnt you apply a cold pack when in stretched state to make your flacid hang for the day a lot bigger?

I use heat the whole time. Have since the begining. I use a simple old heating pad (from the 70’s) on my whole unit, ligs down.

I use a device similar to a rice sock,but one that is actually made to lay around your neck and shoulders.I heat it for about a minute and a half.I then wrap,wench and attach my weight.Once I’ve got the weight on I wrap my cozy buddy,that’s the name of the heat source not my dick by the way,all the way around.I try not to wrap my nuts ,but I’m 40 so who cares about having kids.By the time the heat runs out my session is just about up.I jelq lightly,for about ten minutes then throw the thing in the micro for a minute thirty and go again.

I think the rationale behind heating half the set is so that the ligs and such will cool down in a stretched state. I try to use my IR lamp for 10 minutes (I do 15 minute sets) simply because for the last 5 minutes I want to make sure my glans isn’t turning colors or getting cold, which is pretty hard to determine when you’ve got an IR lamp that makes everything hot and gives off a red glow.

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