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Who hanged religiously but DID NOT gain?

Very interesting Modesto. I wasn’t aware of that part of your PE journey. The way you applied yourself to hanging, yet didn’t gain, and then got 1/2” pretty readily by jelqing and light stretching immediately thereafter is intriguing.

It also sets up another unanswerable PE, “I wonder if?” kind of question.

I wonder if you would have gotten that 1/2” out of jelqing and stretching at all if you hadn’t ever done the “unsuccessful” hanging?

As in, I wonder if our, “unsuccessful” regimens are themselves just another way we’re beating the door down to future gains, perhaps with another exercise?

How long did it take you to get the 1/2 by manual means when you returned to those methods?

I guess what I’m thinking is that perhaps for some there might be a way to get the dick to grow by alternating exercises that the dick “resists” growing in with one that it “relaxes” with? i.e. get it all tensed up and then relax it and smooth it out for some gains? Just riffing.

On the point of the topic- I’ve not hung yet and in fact was “saving it” because I am holding on to the debunked notion that you pretty much gain no matter what with hanging so long as you do it for long enough and fastidiously enough.

I believe!

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That sucks that you didn’t get anything out of 6 months time of hanging, but good to hear you got something after switching to a stretch/jelq routine again. I think that just like wantsmore said above that eventuallly gains will come in hanging. It seems a lot of the vet hangers good gains afte years of hanging, but not sure how much they got in 6 months. So in conclusion, that is what I’m looking to do, that is, to atleast stick with hanging for a few years and see what happens. It certainly does not sound encouraging especailly if you are not seeing gains at the 6 months mark. Time under tension, time under tension, is what I tell myself and gains will come.

Dino: Before I started the manual exercises that got me the extra 1/2”, I tried hanging with a Wenchette for a while. I hung about 10-15#, mostly SO, but also OTL left and right. I felt like I was making progress, but the ruler didn’t show anything. It was only after I stopped, took a 2 or 3 month break, and started up again with Mem’s Momentous routine that I saw any gains.

Wantsmore: This leads into your point, which is that maybe somehow the hanging helped pave the way for later gains. I’ve thought that as well, if for no other reason to justify all the time I put in to hanging, but there’s really no way to know for sure.

I’m trying to remember how my BPFSL changed over time. I remember it going from 7.75” down to about 7.5” when I started hanging heavy. After my break, and trying some light sets with the Wenchette (10-12# range) and lots of heat, I remember my BPFSL slowly coming back to 7.75. But there was no change in BPEL. Then, if I’m remembering correctly, I started Mem’s routine and saw my BPFSL increase to 8 and then to 8.25. During this time, BPEL went from 7.0 to 7.25 and then to 7.5.

This would suggest that my first hanging regimen was done with too much weight. If BPFSL shrinks for more than a short time, it’s time to back off the weight, I think. But I went in just the opposite direction. Before you conclude that, “Ahh, this was your mistake,” understand that I spent multiple months hanging with less than 15# with no gains.

My sense is that jelqing may be an indispensible requirement for gains—at least for me.

At this point, I’m thinking that the main purpose of hanging is to “loosen the moorings” to facilitate gains that might come later in response to jelqing. But I’m really not sure that hanging is even necessary. Maybe a simple mix of jelqing with stretching is all that’s needed.

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What level of erection to you jelq at? Now that you mention I remember you with the wenchette:) .

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Yea, the Wenchette was awsome. She had quite a grip on her—for up to 15# anyway.

My erection level while jelqing was all over the place, but mostly between moderate and nearly totally erect. I didn’t do limp jelqs and I would back off if I became fully erect (although I would often throw in some squeezes for good measure).

Mostly, I would jelq so that the base of my shaft would resist when I squeezed, but not so erect that it was actually hard to squeeze.

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Originally Posted by wantsmore

How long did it take you to get the 1/2 by manual means when you returned to those methods?

I think about 3 months, maybe four. The first 1/4” came faster than the second.

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A great case study here and good stuff to ponder. Also good to have a good rationalization at the ready in case I find myself in the same situation as you did- i.e. hanging but not gaining! ;)

So are you at 8.25 bpel currently? Another .25 and you’ll be in the two inch club! That, for me is pretty much PE hall of fame. If I get 2” of solid cemented gains over my PE career, I’ll be quite happy.

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"Right now our only hope is in the hydrogen bomb." - Charles Bukowski

Originally Posted by wantsmore

So are you at 8.25 bpel currently? Another .25 and you’ll be in the two inch club! That, for me is pretty much PE hall of fame. If I get 2” of solid cemented gains over my PE career, I’ll be quite happy.

That was BPFSL. BPEL is about 3/4” short of that, around 7.5 or 7.6. So I’ve made it to the 1” club, which is actually very good. An inch of dick makes a huge difference.

8x6 would be a fine goal for me. I don’t think I’d want more. 8x5.5 would be good too, but I’m already at 6” girth and am not about to start penis reduction :) .

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You also starting hanging without a pause after much time on other routines. You tissues may have just been too tough at that point. Had you deconditioned, then hung, I believe your results would have been similar to that of Mem’s routine. I believe it was your break the facilitated the gains…especially if you were feeling fatigue from hanging. But, we’ll never know for sure.

That’s true, Rushmore. I never really took a full break from PE prior to starting my first hanging regime. However, I did take a break before starting my second hanging regime, which did not produce any direct gains, either.

I have one observation about the psychology of this subject. I get the sense that most of the posters on this thread, and possibly most PE’ers in general, hold fast to the belief that hanging is a sure thing, which certainly will produce a virtually endless supply of gains if only we put in the requisite time.

Although I don’t think my experience has conclusively disproven this idea, I think it certainly suggests that it may not be valid.

I get the feeling this conclusion may be hard for some of us to take.

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hmmmmm yeah see that is exactly what Ive been led to believe when reading most of the big gainer posts which is why I started the thread so that men like modesto would hopefully step up. I really want to try it but I would be so disheartened if I gained nothing from it but I guess no one is the same and you don’t know until you tried and all that stuff but Im still wary. I appreciate everyone responding and if we can figure out what (if anything) modesto did wrong it will benefit EVERYONE, which is never a bad thing!

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It’s possible I did nothing wrong, other than being born with the wrong genes for this sort of thing.

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If I’m not wrong, there are few (or none) guys in the 2” club who obtained these gains only with hanging; all those who had really impressive (documented) gains were dedicated mostly to stretching and jelquing.

It’s another piece of the puzzle.

I question the Bib-hanger as a right device, also: where exactly the stress is putted with the Bib? Is the entire shaft worked? I have some doubt about.

I’m glad to hear your experience Modesto. I’ve had the same deal. I started with using a noose extender for 600+ hours then started hanging. I didn’t take a break before hanging and gained nothing from hanging. I just started jelqing for the first time today after a 3 week break and I’m looking forward to filling out the “loose moorings” as you put it.

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I’m new to hanging. Been doing it for around a month now. I have this common sense to say, which I didn’t read anywhere in this thread explicitly and it is this: The gain in length will not happen all at once, say at the 8th month mark. If it happens at all, you should be able to notice an increase each month. Ideally, if measurements were very precise length gains should be seen daily after each hanging session. That all seems like common sense to me.

I have a related question.

My note board has been hanging on the wall by a string for years now. I don’t think it’s increased much in length. The board isn’t heavy enough to stretch it I don’t think. Maybe there is a weight threshold for hanging that has to be surpassed before any hanging time is beneficial? Maybe it is 40 lbs for some people?

Also, I haven’t really read any facts for even a handful of guys that hung and got huge gains. I know about Bib and a few others only. If there are so many people trying PE and hanging, why are there not countless more posts of successes? Can someone make a 3 column list of member name, gain, and time required for the gain and post it for all of us to see testimonials? I’d really like to see that for motivation. As for myself, I hang because I’m desperate.

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