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Which Theraband is ideal for Wench users?

Which Theraband is ideal for Wench users?

By that, I mean what color theraband is ideal for Wench users? I remember reading that silver worked better than gold for Bib users, but what has been found to be ideal for Wench users before I go out and buy it…

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Hey Alrdybig,

Have you tried using plain cloth from a t-shirt or sock without the self-adhesive bandage? All I use is a thin piece of undershirt material and it works great. Other than that, maybe you can order both colors of thera and try them both? Afterall, what works for someone else might not be right for you.


I use the silver stuff, but I have no idea what the difference in color says about quality/property.
To answer your PM, yes - I use Theraband only, so the issue of inner and outer wrap is not one I ever have to deal with. This is mainly due to laziness, but it also eliminates the chance of complicating things with two wraps, for me.
What Stevie said about ‘what works for one may not for you’ is especially relevant when it comes to wrapping, IMO. For all the guys hanging here we are all essentially using the same few devices yet the variations in wrapping materials and technique is extremely varied.
I think that speaks to just how personal a matter like wrap is.


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