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Which is Better? Increase Weight or Increase Duration?

Which is Better? Increase Weight or Increase Duration?


I just started hanging.

I’m doing 5 pounds for 3 x 20 minutes per day - as is recommended in the Hanging 101.

I can tell that eventually the 5 pounds won’t present a challenge anymore. At that point, would it be better for me to add more 20 minute sets or to add more weight?

Is 3 x 20 minutes enough to get maximum gains?

I know there is one guy here who is doing 4 hours a day and gained .5 inches in 5 weeks (wow!) … Is that necessary, though?

Thanks - this forum is great.



you will find as Bib as said, hanging the longest posible time at your max weight will give the best results. For a description do a search and read through bib’s posts, there is plenty of information in them. To summarize, the idea would be to work up to your max weight and then hang as much as posible even at lower weights. Personally, if you have the time and the patience the more the better.


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