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Which hanger model to build?

Which hanger model to build?

So I’m either going to build one of the following and start hanging:

My makeshift wrench for those who can’t find the right components


The AFB Hanger

The reason I choose these two is because I don’t have the material to build all the other fancy hanger models. I have all of the items to build these just laying around my house/garage.

I’ll wrap my unit like this of course:

Wrapping drawings

While looking at these I got to thinking, couldn’t I wrap my unit then attach a hose clamp on it? The strap that would hold the weight would be secured on by just the hose clamp and I would have to re attach it every time after I finish wrapping. (I’m aware it takes like 30 seconds to unscrew the hose clamp off)

I made the AFB hanger before but I had two problems.

1. It wouldn’t hang on straight. It would twist and get crooked during hanging. What I mean is, as I tighten the AFB it wouldn’t tighten straight and would kind of reuse to one side of my unit the tighter it got.

2. I was told using a paint stirrer would work well for it but it quickly began to split in half from tightening. And eventually got a crack down the entire strip of wood which caused it to be too uncomfortable to use even with wrap.

Disregard part “1.” Of the previous post I just read about toe in and toe out and I’m pretty sure that might have been the reason.

I recently started using a homemade AFB hanger, and for the most part it works great! It slipped off a couple times, but it has been pretty good for being a hanger that was put together with parts around the house. I used 2 paint stirrer and used two pieces for each side, which made it a little more durable. I used electrical tape to hold the two paint stirrer sides together and then also wrapped the paint stirrers sides in a bicycle innertube. It works well, but i foresee me buying a theraband to wrap my unit in.

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