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Where should I feel the pull

Where should I feel the pull

Hey guys,

I just started to hang three days ago and here is my routine:

1) 10 minute warm-up with heating pad between each set
2) Wrap with theraband
3) Hang 5 pound plate straight down for 10 minutes
4) I do three or four sets a day like this.

What I am feeling is no real discomfort in the head and I’ve managed to get the settings on my Bib to were there is minimal if any swelling or discoloration in the head. But my worry is this. I am feeling a LOT of tug (pull) in the pubic fat pad area. This is a different feeling that say if I were to just grab the head of the penis and pull straight out. Doing that you can feel a real stretch on the penis itself. But when I hang, should I be feeling that much tug on the skin on the pubic area? It makes that skin VERY taught. The is a slight tingle there but no real pain. Am I doing this wrong?

FYI - I am a phalloplasty patient if that matters.

Thanks for any input anyone can provide.



You should find answers to all of the above in the hanging FAQs.

The fat pad area tissues (ligs) will take most of the stress when hanging SD; as will the skin, unless you place the hanger far up towards your glans, and manage to pull back some skin towards the base. Stretching skin is OK, inevitable even for growth if you’re cut, and the feeling is a slight burn.
Sounds like you’re doing fine. When sitting and hanging SD, try leaning forward and backward and feel the stress shift over the area, and the skin burn diminishing with forward leaning (in effect more of a straigth out angle pull).


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