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When the bark becomes a bite

When the bark becomes a bite

This weeks program of hanging has me stretching skin with the BIB.

This is a deliberate ploy by me to facilitate a better internal structure pull for next week. (That’s the plan anyway)

The skin pull tonight after 1.5 hr of hang time at 3.5kg started to bite. I dropped the weight down to 3kg and the bite then went back to a bark.

How many hangers when deliberately stretching skin have done drop sets like this?

Well, I’ve been averaging 4 hours total hang time per day 6 days a week and at least one hour on the 7th day of the week for the last 3 weeks now. I dont deliberately focus on skin stretching…it just happens when I hang. I usually start ‘light’ with my first set at 12.5lbs…I then up the weight to 15lbs which is my current max working weight…and I hang as many sets as I can throughout the day with 15lbs. I usually have to do the last 2 or 3 sets with 12.5lbs.

I understand what you mean …it just happens. It does the same for me. Maybe its because I have just reached a full BTC position and have not completely stretched the skin for better lig pull at my weight level.

I’ll report back if it has worked in a week or so.


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