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when switching from BTC to upward angle...maintenance?

when switching from BTC to upward angle...maintenance?

Is it important to do maintenance work on lig gains you’ve made through BTC or is the upward angle enough to maintain the gains?





Having ligs shorten or retract through inactivity strikes me as a very hard thing to do. I imagine if someone began their hanging career at strictly high angles, having never done lig work, that this would have no effect on the length of their ligs - so I don’t see how hanging high angles after having cemented lig gains would be any different. Reversing your lig work - even if you wanted to - might not be possible.

It’s a good question. I have no solid answer beyond speculation - but my thinking is that if you have cemented those lig gains they are yours to keep.


I don’t hear much about needing to cement hanging gains as opposed to jelquing gains or pumping gains.

Instead of doing maintenance work on the ligs, leave them totally alone for 2 months to deconditon them as you work on the upwards hanging. Then when you hit them again after the layoff, they won’t know what hit ‘em.

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