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When Hanging...

When Hanging...

I thought it might be fun to share some of the unusual things those of us do when hanging….such as right now I am peeling the chili…literally…my wife brought home a bag of fresh roasted green chili and had to run out leaving me to peel it and bag it for the freezer….multi-tasking at it’s best…one unfortunate result of this endeavor was that it forced me to set the world speed record for the removal of a home made Bib hanger….I decided to adjust things a little and forgot that my hand was full of “HOT” chili juice….CARUMBA!

Never argue with an idiot...they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.


Answering posts is not one of them…LOL Just kidding guys…

Never argue with an idiot...they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.


Absolutely, the strangest thing I ever did was talk to my mother on the phone while hanging. Keep the weights very very quiet.


Was talking with my g/f on Friday and she asked me what I was doing over the weekend.

I said “Not much.”

She said “Just hangin’ out, huh?

I started to chuckle and said “Yep, thats pretty much it.” :)


I’ve been hanging for one month now and did some strange things the first week. I have a pull-up / dip machine and decided to use it with weight hanging from my dick. I also did seated dumbell curls on a rounded kitchen chair. DON’T DO THIS when the rim of the chair is metal. I put the dumbells on the floor beside the chair, sat and attached the hanger and weight. I bent over, picked up the dumbells and when I sat up straight in the chair I shifted back a bit and just missed sandwiching my scrotum between the bottom back of the hanger and the rounded metal chair. It was so close that I felt the hanger graze me. I reflected and now I sit on my couch and watch tv and (as Bib puts it) walk short distances like a duck.

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