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When can we get Bibs till?

When can we get Bibs till?

I’m currently sitting here using my Bib Starter but on the off chance that I get to much higher weights and it gets uncomfortable, when is the last chance to get the fully fledged Bib?

I hope this hasn’t been answered elsewhere, I’m on a break from the forums and so have not been following events regularly.

Go to Bibs site. The answer will be there

Fire shall reign from above as shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to mortal flesh and shattered bone below.

For days, the dead hung in the air as dust.


I am back from Tgiving, but I will be taking off some time for Xmas, probably about ten days or so.

After that, the hangers will probably be available till spring-summer. After that, I have no idea right now.


Originally posted by falcon
Go to Bibs site. The answer will be there

Ha! The answer was not there, I checked before asking. :p

Bib, thanks for answering that, perhaps I’ll know by then if I need to switch.

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