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When are the ligs done stretching

When are the ligs done stretching

I have read that Bib got lig stretch then went to work on lengthening the tunica—how do you know when you have maxed out the available lig stretch? (Other that having a penis exit point next to the anus lol) Would the LOT necessarily change all that much?


I originally changed from SO, SD hanging when my LOT was at 6 o’clock. A physical sign was that when I was erect, it hung parallel to the floor instead of pointing up to some degree like it had most of my life. I would also say that you will stop gaining at all with ligs at a certain point no matter how much time/effort you put into stretching them. Before the LOT theory originally came out, I spent at least three months trying to get anything with no results.

Eventually I switched to OTS, raised my LOT to about 11-11:30 (I never made it to high noon again), and am starting to drop it down again. So yes, the LOT does change. For me I think I get about two inches per full LOT cycle (12:00 to 6:00). That is only an approximation however.

Hope this helps.

-Tom “Edison” Foolery

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I’m curious about your LOT raising experience. I’m presuming (please correct me if I’m wrong) that you did high angle hanging to bring your LOT from 6:00 to 11:00. How long did it take to achieve this? Did you have length gains concurrent with your LOT rising?

We don’t get much reporting of this phenomenon…please do elaborate.

Not Tom, but have experience/insight/divine revelations relating to LOT raising?…feel free to chime in.

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@Tom Foolery

Did you ever gain from tunica hanging (ots position) and how much weight was necessary to give you the gains?

Tom, or others,

I recently have begun hanging, after a few years of manual stretching and dry jelqing. I can’t believe I wasted my time with manual stretches.. Nothing compares to hanging with the Bib!! I have a question for you all though. My original LOT, was SLIGHTLY below 9. I just checked it this morning, and it was about 7:15 or so.. Should I be switching to SO or straight up now? And also, when I do make the move to SO or SU, do I need to do any lig maintenance work to keep them “loose and long”, or will they stay at least until the next lig cycle?



Did the drop in LOT result from gains? It is possible to change LOT without gains, but I have not heard of such a big drop before. If you did not make gains, read the thread about head movement and LOT, make sure you are not pulling out too hard, and check your LOT again for me. (you may be doing it perfectly, but it’s your first post so best to check).

If you did make gains, congrats, keep doing the lig work to cement the gain (I recommed a further month of the routine you made gains with), then begin to gradually introduce upper angles at the expense of the lig work.



8 or above seems to be the turning point to begin lig work, but you should not change if you feel that the cumulation of tunica work can get you some gains in a reasonable time period (based on your previous experiences with it). Either way make sure to cement gains before changing a PE routine, as I mention above.


I’m not really sure if the LOT reflected EBPL gains for me.. I’m really trying to resist the urge to measure (a watched pot never boils). However, flaccid length increase is DEFINATE. Hanging at least an inch, maybe 2 lower. I currently hang between 10-15 lbs for at least three, 20 minute sets a day.. And usually I try to do as much as twice that. When I do more than 1 hour “set”, it’s split up in morning/night sessions. When I hang I sit on the edge of my bed, attach the bib, hang the weight, prop my feet up, and lay flat on my back.. I get an incredible burning in my ligs when I do this.. And sometimes, even 10 lbs feels like too much.

I tried to do a set of SU, and I’d definately consider up to doubling my BTC weight.

Maybe I could keep BTC hanging in the mornings, and make the night sessions SU, so I can “cement” my lig gains before switching to entirely SU. By the way, I checked my LOT again, and it is exactly at a lower 45 degree angle, which I believe is about 7:30.


>Maybe I could keep BTC hanging in the mornings, and make the night sessions SU, so I can “cement” my lig gains before switching to entirely SU. By the way, I checked my LOT again, and it is exactly at a lower 45 degree angle, which I believe is about 7:30.<

Cool, this is an excellent plan. BTW welcome to the forums!

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