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What to do while deconditioning

What to do while deconditioning

Hey guys.I’m about to go on a two month deconditioning break.I’ve been hanging for a year,mostly SO with a little OTS and some SD thrown in.I also pump,usually one set for 15 minutes at 5Hg.I have made very minimal gains of about a quarter inch BPEL.I don’t take days off very often,maybe one or two in a row every second week.The question is pretty much self explanatory.What do I do while deconditioning?Any PE at all? Or is it strictly hands off except for sex and masturbation?Also when I start PEing again,should I begin the newbie routine again? I’m also open to suggestions for a new routine when I come back from my break,as I don’t feel that a quarter inch gain in a year,for all my time invested is a very good return.All comments and suggestions are welcome.

No PE during decon. I suggest you see how fit you can get during your decon period. I can help build a routine for you, just send me a PM after your break.

Originally Posted by chainz 8
What to do while deconditioning


Enjoy gains you have made and just fuck - fucking is enough exercise.

I think babbis and secjay have made awesome suggestions.

And if I may add a third, you should NOT obsess about PE during your decon break. Exercising and fucking seem like two activities that would help with this.

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Thanks for your input gents.Babis when I’m done with my decon break,I will PM you and we can talk about a new routine.Thank you very much for offering to help.

Chainz 8

No problem! Have a productive and enjoyable break!

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