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What should Fatigue feel like?

What should Fatigue feel like?


I started hanging 7.5 pounds this week after working with 5 pounds for three weeks. I definitely feel more pull on the ligs than before. However, I read alot about reaching the magical state of Fatigue while hanging and am curious as to what this actually feels like to a lot of you?


Thats a really good question and one that should be answered. For me with my limited experience when it starts to burn down there I back off either to a much lower weight or I stop. Its a kind of heated sensation and is unpleasant but not yet really painful. I am up to 7.5 pounds as well after hanging for a little over a month now and starting with 3 pounds. I definitely see how the ligaments adapt to greater weight. I would also not be too rigid with your sets but listen to any pain or heat or soreness instead,best,JelkyWad


That’s exactly how I would describe fatigue myself (I’ve always related the way I perceive fatigue as a burning type of sensation), but it seems that it feels different for different guys.

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Ok guys, I am assuming the burning sensation is coming internally from the ligs, correct? Is that from the ligs in your dick, or where they are attached to the pubic bone? I really feel the pull up there.

Any other replies?



I tend to feel it more so where they attach to the pubic bone, but it does vary somewhat.

You’ll feel it wherever your limiting factors are, which vary from guy to guy and will change over time.

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