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What Is The Best Way To Wrap When Using The LG Hanger?

What Is The Best Way To Wrap When Using The LG Hanger?

Just trying to figure out the best,quickest and safest way for fluid and blisters.

3M Microfoam tape cut into strips and criss crossed across the glans with a silicone toe cap on top of the tape has proven to be the best for me.

Have you used the LG hanger,i currently us the penis master pro at 5 pounds,but I was wondering if u have to wrap the 3 inches of the shaft before you put it in the glans chamber before you put the sleeve on the shaft?

I’m using one currently, was using a BIB up to 27.5lbs, took a 4 month decon break and started back with the LG, I wrap the glans like I stated and also the shaft about 2” back. I used the LG about 2 yrs. ago but stopped because of blisters on the glans, I hope to have it figured out a bit better now. I like the feel with the LG better, more of a full length tension.

I just ordered mine,what was causing your blisters have u figured out the problem . I use the penis master pro at 5 pound I know it’s not a lot of weight,but that’s what I was trying to figure out the wrap.

I think my problem was wrong tape, not taped tight enough and too much weight, the blisters came up when I hit 17.5 lbs. I’m using the 3M Microfoam tape now and I make sure to squeeze the tape tight before I put on the silicone toe cap. I’m at 12.5 lbs currently and haven’t had any problems so far, hanging 1.5 hrs.

Should I wrap the glans and a 1/4 way up my shaft with sports pre wrap, and then tape up the glans or the opposite? Never had blisters,don’t plan on getting any.Thanks

I’ve never tried sports wrap, you could try it and see. I’ve only done the microfoam as it has worked for me. There is a thread that talks about preventing blisters while vac hanging, you could read that and see what others have tried.

Can u remember witch thread it was?the only reason I think sports pre wrap would be better is expands and a little softer.I have 3 big rolls of the micro foam for my glans, or do you think I should wrap my glans completely.Thanks for all the help,one not question .Do you hang different lengths of sleeve to focus on different areas?

Prevent blisters with vac hanging, is the thread to look at. I really can’t comment on the sports pre wrap as I have not tried it, sorry.

I like micro foam as well

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