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What household items have you hung from you dingaling?


I use a bungee cord strung from the gas line in the basement for my low LOT. Then when I want to increase tension, I roll back in my desk chair. The bungee is one of those 30” long things that keeps my hope up. The pipe has only wiggled once. Besides, I make sure the hook is equi-distant between the supports. But I could see where my warm-up could get exciting.

Flacid stretch is 8 1/2” which is a meaningless number but I like nice, round, long, numbers.

Originally Posted by tps
Mainsheet from my sailboat. Not exactly a house-hold item..not even a house-boat item ;)


I can see it now, “man sails boat with dick” or “new patent awarded for boat motive force. man is strung up by his dick then farts against sail, boat moves. New world record.”

Ya gotta love it! I think the jib would be better though, you’re farther away from the cockpit…fewer distractions.

tps, sorry man, I have this visual brain, I couldn’t help it.

you should see my setup, you’d laugh too!

Yeah! Darn cheater, using the boat fittings at home, that chair will never be the same. (does it float?) (have you renamed it the bosun’s chair?) (will it hoist from the mast?) (do you string it up before you get to “Emma” and “Eva”?)

My best friend in Huntington Harbor sails too (Catalina 45orsomethinglikethat). He was always looking for crew, so I had as much water time as I could get in. That’s one of the things I miss most from SoCal. If you can’t relax on a boat, something’s wrong with you!

We had 3 inches of snow last night.

Chair would sink like a rock :p Funny, but even with the great relationship that chair and I have had over many years, I’ve never named it. ;) Not sure if it will hoist up from the mast and you lost me at Emma and Eva, but I did learn to raise the mast AFTER going under the PCH bridge in Newport Harbor. Got stuck partway through first time out.

Huntington Harbor is nice. We usually cruise there for the Chistmas lights. We’re very good at relaxing :D Sometimes we don’t even sail, just anchor and hang out for the day.

Snow? I think I’ve heard of that.

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Nice pictures.

Emma and Eva are the oil drilling platforms off Long Beach, northmost and westmost, still in view of land. They are the “turn around” points for most sailors from HH or LB or wherever. Some of my pilot friends even call them that. Said pilots like to buzz the boats as some couples find it erotic to do it out in the open like that. They think it great fun. We should shoot them.

My friend from Huntington Harbor has been de-masted twice! He’s so embarassed. That big boat was on auto-p and he has one of those ion-gate compasses. He was sailing past one of the platforms solo, it tracked on it, then turned into and hit the platform. Breaking the mast. Then, he (thinking to stop the boat from tearing up itself on the platform) started the engine, of course the rigging wrapped around the prop-shaft. Big damage, broke the motor mounts, etc. Really, he’s an excellent sailor.

I was going to ask you if that is the new Bosun’s chair, to watch the crosspiece or even the yardarm…

Effing snow. it’s that cold, white, no gray, no watery stuff. and of course don’t eat YELLOW snow.


too much shit! i was outta town for a few days, so i rigged one up haning an anvil, lol. a bucket with misc items to add weight.

el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide


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