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What Exactly should I do between sets?

What Exactly should I do between sets?

I’ve have heard of some many different theories about what you are supposed to do between sets of hanging. I would like to know exactly what I should do. I just got done with hanging 10 lbs for 15min and i didnt really feel anything, maybe thats cause i took like a couple days off anyway. Ive been hanging on and off for a month or to and I still dont know what to do between sets.
1.Should I apply heat between sets?
2.Should I light jelq?
3.Should i unwrap?
4.Should I BTB jelq while wrapped or unwrapped( my question with this is how was Bib supposed BTB while still wrapped when you supposed to have a boner while you BTB)
Basically im confused about BTB jelqing
5. Should I manual stretch?
6.The only thing im sure of is taking a 10 min break?

Thats all I can think of right now but if there is anything that I should do or definitely should do between sets could you please inform me, I appreciate it.


You should apply heat while keggeling.

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Massage the life back in.

Massage is always a good way to stimulate blood flow and alleviate any numbness. I like to “pancake” the penis between sets. Lay it out on a table top or the basin sink and flatten the penis with a deodorant stick or the palm of your hand. This is very effective for stressing the chambers and promoting expansion of the vascular structures. It has the same effect as the rolling pin, it makes everything bigger.

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Some prefer to unwrap (I do). Others stay wrapped.

A few jelq strokes after detaching can help bring in fresh blood quicker. This isn’t mandatory. Massage probably does the same thing. Or don’t bother doing either.

You can do some manual stretching between sets if you like.

Basically, make sure you have good blood flow (remove the wrap if it interferes with this), and wait a few minutes before the next set.

I get myself a bit fluffed up “semi” to make sure all the blood is flowing

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I always used to unwrap, massage and get a “semi”, submerge in hot water,, and then it’s time to wrap that bad boy back up!

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Yes, the proper name for the gadget would be, the shy-patula.

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My number one concern is should I apply heat between sets? I have tried jelqing also between sets with a 10 % erection level but i think i will stick to BTB. Thanks for all you replies but what about the heat between sets?

Pyrsnwb,I always re-heat between sets.I don’t know if this is necessary nor not,just what I do.Basically I use a rice sock type device.At the end of the set,I pop the rice sock in the microwave and get it hot again.While it’s cooking I un -wrap,massage and jelq lightly.After the rice sock is warm again,I heat for a few minutes,like three or four and then back into the hanger.I can’t say whether this is effecting gains ,but I can say I’ve not had one injury and I attribute this to keeping the pee pee toasty warm.

Do you think reheating between sets might hender gains in some sort of way?

I read heating between sets was a bad idea according to bib, it was best to heat at the start of a set then cool near the end and between sets.

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Thats what I thought

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