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What does it feel like to be "fatigued"

What does it feel like to be "fatigued"

Note: I tried posting this in the hanging forum but wasn’t allowed to.

I’ve spent an hour reading the archives of this forum. I did read the massive thread in the hanging forum but was not able to get a definitive answer.

My background: I’m in my 2nd-3rd week of hanging. 5 pounds, SD (sit on a chair and let it go just straight down so I can use the computer). 3 20 minute sessions.

What exactly does it feel like to be “fatigued”? I do not feel any different when I touch my unit a few hour after a workout (unlike a sore muscle after a good workout at the gym). I feel some sort of mild pain/soreness, but not in my unit. It is between my legs, adjacent to my testicles (maybe ligaments?)

I am worried that I am not hanging properly. Please describe what it feels like to be “fatigued”.

A whole hour eh? ;)

Welcome to the forum velo, hopefully someone with hanging experience will be along and attempt to answer your question shortly. I do know that others have asked this question before and I am not sure that a definitive answer or explanation for “fatigue” has ever been figured out.

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In my experience-

It’s not the same as fatigue from doing exercises like bench presses and the like. That’s more like muscle exhaustion.

Fatigue from hanging, for me, is the sensation that I have to drop the weight, that I’ve worked my unit to the point that further hanging (at the present weight) would be really uncomfortable. At that point I’ll decrement the weight, or just move on to jelqing.

It’s like doing manual labor, and at the end of the day, you’re spent. Your muscles may not be totally exhausted, but they feel well used. Something like that.

Also, could be that you need to up the weight a bit. Everyone is different, but 5 lbs is not a heck of a lot to hang.
But always- error on the side of safety with hanging and stuff. Being injured really bites.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

For me it’s kind of like the dull aching feeling you get in your calf muscles and feet when you’ve been standing up all day and you move around to try and ease it. When all you really want to do is sit down but when you do it still aches. Like that, but in your penis.

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