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what do you think of this routine?

what do you think of this routine?

Since I have now got my bib starter and since it makes hanging more than 10lbs bearable for me I have come up with this, please tell me what you think.

I hang for 3x 20min sessions in the morning btc for lig stretching and then in the evening I hang for 3x 20min sessions otc to for tunica. People say to stretch ligs first because they produce faster gains -for some- but that tunica stretching actually makes the shaft longer but takes more time. So I figured I’d start stretching the tunica now so maybe a year from now -and more- my tunica will already be stretched some and I can just keep going.

what do you all think?

oh i use a heat pad for 10min before and after each set.


The reason it’s suggested to begin with more emphasis on the ligs is not only because it is considered quicker gains that one will have, but also because it’s encouraging for gain to appear early on. I don’t see anything wrong with your plan provided you are a patient person. PEing takes patience anyway one goes about it, and many newbies fall by the wayside.

You could possibly get early tunica gains. It’s just that the odds are better with the ligs.

Maybe do 4x 20min sd/btc for ligs, and spend the extra time on tunica as a bonus.

Though I think it would be good to focus on hanging one way at a time. Hanging 2(3x 20min sets) in one direction would probably be more effecient.

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