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What do you guys doing while hanging straight down?


I really like to hang with a bungee cord you can adjust the tension and all you have to do is tug or shorten the bungee to get more weight(tension). If you have the privacy you can put a hook on your ceiling and under your desk. I haven’t started using it yet again but just might start again. You can also buy a assorted size pack at home depot.

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Originally Posted by Dino9X7

If you have the privacy you can put a hook on your ceiling and under your desk.

Just so, or a miniblock as in the pic. Zapps inertia.

Originally Posted by biggerjohnson
Interesting. I need something for me to use like this while sitting at the computer. Got a pic of your setup?

Look here
and Look here

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by biggerjohnson
While I have my wenchette attached I find it hard to sit down in the computer chair to do anything because the weights hit the floor. Just wondering if you guys stand up the entire time, go cook dinner, or what?

I used to stack my text books on my chair and dangerously position myself on the edge, but then I finally found a tall bar stool that made hanging sd a breeze. LOL

Originally Posted by biggerjohnson
What do you guys doing while hanging straight down?

I don’t know since I’ve never done hanging before, but I guess I might want to go for a run around the block or something? ;)

I have a tall stool that is perfect for hanging without the weights hitting the ground.

I also like to use a Bungee cord anchored to my desk for SO work. A hook on the wall gives me SU’s.
I don’t do SD’s much except with my Rings all day.

I really like the Bungee. I mostly stand and can twist my hips left or right for over the leg stretches. Sometimes I add a fulcrum left & right and on top.

You can adjust for fatigue instantly. Want less stress just step forward, more, step back.

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I can just imagine the bungee unhooking and springing back right into your nuts. A little extra excitement I guess.

Horny Bastard

I just went to Lowes and purchased a screw hook, pulley, and a few ft of rope. Tonight after the gym I’ll give it a try. This is all attached right underneath my computer desk. Thanks for the advice and tips guys.

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I sit on two well padded stools- a cheek on each, and I hang right between them. It is great! And, I don’t have to worry about getting hemorrhoids because I get good circulation in that area because it is not being squished. The two stools also opens up any angle you want to do from straight out, straight down or even BTC.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

I use to set two beds up side by side with about a foot between them, lay across perpendicularly and catch a nap.

The most important thing is to set an alarm. The results would be far worse than falling asleep in a tanning bed.

The weight has to be compact enough not to touch on the floor. It has to have a loop right on top to connect it.
I have big weights 5,15,25 lb and hang a little bag beside one of those with incremental weights .5,1,2 lb in the little bag.

Has anybody dropped metal weights, making noise or denting hardwood or breaking tile? Any padding strategies? Basically, the pad can be on the floor, or on the weights, or in a bag which holds weights, or the weights can be softer, such as water jugs and shot bags.

How about strange marks on your body, from fulcrums and ots?

Lead shots in bags; no dents. Lead shots cheap by the pound at divers shops.


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