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what do you guys do while hanging?

what do you guys do while hanging?

How do you kill that time? Watch TV? Browse the web? Watch porn? Read a book?

I’ve been trying to be productive during my hang time, but its impossible to do any work when weights are pulling on your dick. I guess I just sit there and meditate.

I hunt for stuff on line, organize my note books, or re-arrange the middle drafts of term papers. I do not outline a paper or do a final draft. Also, I can’t do any kind of heavy reading while hanging. I can watch TV, but I don’t like much TV. I sometimes hang while talking on the phone (he he he). Or….while I am reading the post at Thunders. Gotta love that multi tasking.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

while hanging

I get myself comfortable on a weight bench & setup all the sitting exercises - one arm curls and military press sitting. I do the curls sitting sideways and the press with one but cheek on the bench & do the presses from there. Otherwise sitting in front of the tv also works.

You have to grab the hanger when you are moving around, but it makes really good use of the time. - I’d really like to adapt some device for using a stairmaster - 20 to 30 minute workout - perfect hang time for me.

When i hang btc, i read. but mostly i am playing playstation while i hang. makes the time go by real fast.


Whatever you do, you should be able to almost forget the weight is there. If you are clock watching, you probably are using too much weight. You have to be able to totally relax.

Someone is using a timer set to twenty minutes. I never did that, and had many sets that ran over. Be sure to drop in weight if you need to. Please do not think that you are cheating somehow if you drop. This is normal and GOOD. Above all, be relaxed.


I like to do things that pass the time quicker instead of being sat bored. I used to go on the internet but there is no lock on the door where the PC is now. That was great for passing time. Reading books is ok cos I can hold my heating pad in the other hand. Watching films/tv is ok too (except porn) but not as good as when your jelqing, which is the number 1 most boring PE exercise. I find myself clock watching too sometimes. Thats a digital clock, not an analogue one, in case you were wondering.


I go play chess online. I HAVE to set a timer because after about 5 minutes I completely forget about hanging. Even when the timer goes off, I’ve been known to go several minutes over if I’m caught up in a good game. It’s all in the matter of getting your mind tied up on something else.

Hi !

I am online also , read this forum and look for my shares .


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I check Thunders!

Surf the web. Mostly Thunder’s Place.

Anything that required concentration was difficult because I was riding fatigue.

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