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What color theraband?

What color theraband?

I just want to know what kind of theraband everyone uses and what are your experiences with the other colors and why you stuck with the one you use.

Inamo, greetings:

As far as I can gather, silver gives good results for many people. As I pointed out in a recent post, it took me a long time to discover that the lighter- weight black Theraband works much better for me. It allows the Bib hanger to grip the internal structures in a way that didn’t happen with the silver. I have had a difficult history with hanging, and my case might be unusual, but the more we share these kinds of experiences, the better. Good luck with the hanging.

Thanks for the reply Red, BTW I’m having trouble finding thera-band in my area (Southern CA). If anyone can help me out by telling me where I can go to get some, I’ve already tied some pharmacies in my area and nobody has even heard of the stuff.

Might try looking up medical supplies in the Yellow Pages. Places that sell stuff geared toward physical rehabilitation should have it.

I’ve only used silver, but I suspect slightly thinner stuff would work better for me.


Wisdom King will probably be the best, fastest, and cheapest place to get it.

I just checked, and a six yard roll of the black is only $10.75. That is a really good deal.


Thanks alot guys for the replies. I’m gonna probably get the The pack of three bands for 16 something dollars just so I could feel out how other colors feel.

Inamo, greetings:

I got my theraband in a sports store, in a section that sells inflatable exercise balls, various devices for squeezing to strengthen your wrists, wraps of several kinds, and so on. You can buy the whole colour range in a package, and they also market devices for anchoring the theraband while you are doing rehab. or other kinds of strength work. All this is to say that the company has put quite a bit of effort into marketing its product, and you might expect to find it readily enough.

Sports store huh? never thought of that before but it seems logical. Thanks for the tip RedLight, I much prefer going down somewhere and buying it in person than online. Lets just hope its around here.


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