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What are your personal "tips" on using Vacuum hangers to avoid tip irritatati

What are your personal "tips" on using Vacuum hangers to avoid tip irritatati

I have been experimenting for a while to avoid discomfort with my vacu-hanger, and am getting quite frustrated. There are three options I have been cycling through..
1. Vac-hanger used by itself, bare glans/tip
2. Vac-hanger with yellow contsriction sleeve.
3. Vac-hanger with constriction sleeve, and tip opening taped
4. Vac-hanger with glans just tape, no c-sleeve

Out of all of these, the tip always is moist when it comes out, leaving it swelled a bit. I’m pretty sure the moisture is coming from the urethra. Even when taped, the expansion, and moisture make the tape sorta slide.

I hand found that the constriction sleeves leave a little pocket of air, no matter how hard I smash the tip into it when I roll it on. The best description I can give, is when I take the c-sleeve off after a hanging session, the bottom half of the sleeve is sealed, yet just past my coronal ridge the whole glans become white/lymph, and the tip opening is stretched a bit, and wet.

I see lots of people using this, without anything at all. The second I do that, and add weight, I get a sharp pain on my tip and urethra “tube”.

Give me your tips people!

Do you turn the constriction sleeve inside out when fitting?

That’s what I do, roll up the sides and then use a finger to push the tip right against the meatus, then role the sleeve over the glans as normal.

I get the fit right about 75% of the time which translates to no irritation or fluid build up. I still take breaks after 1.5 - 2 hours though.

I guess it comes down to the success rate. Right now I’ve been wearing it for 2 hours, not much irritation.

I haven’t tried the new constriction sleeves, and my experience is with the vac extender, not vacu hanger. But I have better luck without the constriction sleeve. I find, as you do, that there is often air at the end of the constriction sleeve.

Of course, the more weight you use, the more it will pull the cylinder away from your glans, and create more vacuum. Maybe you are using too much weight?

You might just be one of the sensitive guys. My urethra swells up, but I don’t feel pain, and it subsides in a few minutes after removing the cylinder.

I read where someone suggested putting foam inside your cylinder. So when it starts to pull away, the foam expands and maintains some contact.

Horny Bastard

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