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What am I doing wrong

What am I doing wrong

I made a simple hanger and it seems far too simple. Here’s the deal.. tell me where I’m screwing up.

I filled a dress sock with five pounds of granulated steal backs taken from an ankle weight. Very small and compact. about the size of a cucumber.

I took a wrist sweat band and slipped it over the top of the sock to distribute weight.

I put my dick in the top of the sock surrounded by a the wrist band.

I fastened it with a cable clamp on the outside.

It’s too damn easy and simple… I know I’m missing something here.

What you are missing is where the pressure from your hanger is concentrated.

If any of it is on the top of the shaft, especially directly behind the glans, you are on a course for some nice numbness.

Compressing the urethra directly might not be good either.

Most of the hanger designs you will find here put pressure on the side of the shaft only.

Check out the homemade hangers thread.


I’m fairly new to hanging myself, but I think the primary problem with your very simple and elegant design is that it places too much pressure on the dorsal nerve and blood vessels. Tried and true designs, like the Bib Hanger and (dare I say) the Captain’s Wench hold the penis so that pressure is applied to the sides, not the top and bottom. This is much safer. The Bib also includes channels at the contact areas for allowing blood to flow during hanging, which is always an issue.

You could probably improve your design by padding the left and right sides before you tighten the cable clamp, taking the squeeze off of the delicate top and bottom surfaces.

Another possible problem is that the pressure appears to be applied over only a small length of the penis. This concentrated pressure may make you more prone to injury. It’s better to distribute the force over a larger surface area, say, over 1” to 1.5” of your penis’ length.

Otherwise, it sounds like a clever design.

WARNING: Don’t hang for more than 20 minutes at a time, to prevent your dick from dying. Also, read the hanger’s threads to get the perspective of the many PE vets on this site.


Are you in Team Rocket?


If you mean MOS, the answer is NO. But you’ve got the right idea.

Please don’t tell James I have a penis.

I just read about the wench system… I think if I use two or three grippers between the sock and the wristband and two clamps… one at the top fo the wristband and one at the bottom it would seem to distribute the weight, create channels and still make it easy on and off.

Thanks for the help.


I used three vertical thick strips of magnetic tape between the clamp and the wrist band to creat three channels. The two clamp system seems to work. Is this still too much pressure?


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