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Wench trouble!


Wench trouble!

Just constructed a wench and am having problems with the clamp. Captn says in his post about not trimming the velcro too hastily which I hear, but the problem I have is not being able to close the clamp. Do I need to get rid of some of the material. Is there a particular technique to get the most from this gizmo?


I’m not following you if the wench is closing but not the clamp you need a bigger clamp

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Trim the length of the Velcro band down a few inches (from 10” to 8” - or thereabouts). If you can close the Wench with roughly 2 inches of overlap left over, the medium clamp should fit and all should function.

Consider how much wrap you are using, as well. And don’t forget that after a week or so of regular use, the Wench will break in - allowing for an easier time clamping.

Good luck, go slow.

thanks for the advice captn. I have some 1/4 inch thick wedges that you recommended and I’m wondering whether to get thinner ones to give a little in the velcro department. The large clamp is too big for anyone I reckon and the medium ought to be enough. maybe I need to trim the velcro down.

What be the best remedy in your considered opinion?


Also is it best to make sure your chap is wrapped before you put the wench on duty?


Originally Posted by wheresmyweenie
What be the best remedy in your considered opinion?


I think trimming it down will do it. Also, giving yourself some time to get a feel for how it’s all supposed to work. With a little patience, you’ll get it.

Also is it best to make sure your chap is wrapped before you put the wench on duty?

Personally, I can’t hang without wrap. Some say they can and do. For my money, wrap not only eases potential skin issues, it creates a more solid shaft for the device to grab onto.


Definitely try cutting the wench down to make the clamp fit properly. After breaking my 5th cable clamp in the past year, I recently decided to cut my wenches down (physically, not emotionally) to hopefully allow for a stronger hold from the clamp. My thinking was that the closer I could get the clamp to the grippers, the stronger the grip would be - less padding to cushion the effect of the clamp. And it worked!

Also, like Cap, I can’t fathom not wearing a wrap while hanging. I tried going “commando” one time and was left with gripper marks on the sides of my dick for the better part of the rest of the day.

Hey Cappy, speaking of wenches and clamps, have you ever tried using two cable clamps on yer wench? I flirted with a 20lb set the other day, but wasn’t comfortable with the amount of pressure my glans was taking. I’m thinking about moving my current clamp to the back of the wench, and applying another one towards the front. The only reason I haven’t tried it yet is because I’m on my last cable clamp and haven’t had the opportunity to visit Wally World recently. I’ll probably go pick up a few more sets of clamps this weekend and give the double clamped hang a try.

I have used two. Just to experiment, and it makes a difference at higher weights. Because I personally haven’t climbed very high I’ve preferred to use just the one - mainly out of convenience….er…laziness.
I have also played with clamp placement - bow and stern - and found a difference. Interestingly, when clamped more toward the back of the Wench, I had a more comfy hang. There seems to be a bit of a “flaring” effect toward the front, and this takes some of the pressure off of the glans.

Twenty pounds. Wow man, you really are a hanging mofo.


I’ve been playing clamp twister with my wench too. I’ve tried forwards, backwards, underneath, moving the wench back and the clamp up, the wench back and the clamp back…. just about everything I could think of. So far I would have to agree that placing the clamp back of center (with the wench about mid shaft) is the configuration that provides the most comfort for me. The flaring effect as you said does help relieve some unwanted pressure from the glans. That’s especially important as I move up in weight. Problem is, at 20lbs, it was just too much and I started to go numb after 5 minutes (at which point I cut the set short). I don’t want to hang 20lbs, but it’s almost become necessary since it takes me so long to feel any real fatigue at 15lbs - I’m talking like 5 or 6 sets.

So I’m off to Wally World today to purchase a couple sets of cable clamps so I can give the two-clamped method a try. I’ll be sure to let ya’ll know how it goes.

Alright, I’m back from Wal Mart, two cable clamps on my wench, and comfortably hanging 20 lbs. Man, what a difference the second clamp makes. The grip on the internal tissues is 100% better, and my glans are as soft and sensitive as they are without the wench attached. In fact, I don’t feel any pressure on my glans at all, and absolutely no skin stretch at my base whatsoever. I would strongly recommend trying the two-clamp method to anyone who’s having issues with the wench in regards to glans numbness, loss or color, or base skin stretch. Wow, this is incredible.

You go Stevie :thumbs:
Thanks for the info.

What I’m now searching for is how to put to good use something you mentioned before: Old, worn out cable clamps. I’m too sentimental (cheap) to throw them out but they are useless…or are they?


More than happy to report my findings here Cap. I haven’t been this happy since.. er… a week ago Wednesday afternoon. :D

Ahhh, the old cable clamps, yes, I too was looking for a use for the brave wounded and amputated soldiers that served me so well in the past. You’re so right Cap, there’s no way you can just toss them out, not after they’ve helped you build a bigger dick. I used to just leave them sitting on my desk, serving as little plastic reminders of my PE journey; like the progression line of a failing weight watchers member, you can see the different breaking points of my clamps as my dick got bigger.

So one day I started thinking inside the box, and decided to use the clamps in the method they were born to serve: holding together my computer and tv cables! The area behind my computer desk and entertainment center has never been so neat. And the usefulness of these brave clamps live on as they have prevented me from kicking the cable from my printer and sending it flying off it’s perch time and time again.

Plus, I think they serve as a great “secret symbol” of PE. I hope for the day that a business associate comes by, takes a look at my injured cable clamps in action, and gives me a little “PE nod and smile”.

Using cable clamps to clamp cables! Eureka!! Who among us would have thunk it? rofl!

Stevie, you’re an inside-the-box-thinking genius! :clap:

And here I thought this was a thread about women :)


Don’t worry those kind of wenches still cause a lot more trouble than hanging wenches :D

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


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