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Wench placement

Wench placement

I’m currently using a Capt’ns Wench for hanging. I have been placing the Wench closer to the base rather than leaving the one inch of shaft sticking out of the top (per Wench directions). I tried placing it just a little further up the shaft, but it was uncomfortable. The point is to stretch the ligaments and not necessarily the shaft, correct? So is my placement ok?

I’ve never placed it near the base just because I thought it would stretch my skin more than my ligs. I tend to place it about 1/2 inch behind the glans and make it AS TIGHT AS POSSIBLE with no blood in the glans nor the shaft, completely flaccid. This gives me a good lig stretch and have found no discoloration or lost sensitivity in the head. Works for me and I hope it works for you :)

I actually already posted this on another thread but since I saw this one about wench placement I figured I’d type this again.I think wrapping or hanger placement is holding me back from gaining.I try to use the afb or capt.wench hanger/ which ever I can get to feel comfortable at the time, but I feel so much pressure on the top of my head. No matter how high I place the wrap it seems like the hanger /and wrap always ends up right at the bottom of my shaft/top of my head, and I feel a lot of pressure built up. Does anyone know if this is the result of the hanger just being uncomfortable or not gripping correctly, or is the skin just sliding with the weight pulling on it-what should I do to prevent this? Should I try to make my own bib—-is the hanger the problem? I’m using about 8-9 lbs.

One idea is to try two clamps - one at the front and one at the back of the Wench. Try varying the tightness of both clamps - they don’t have to have the same amount of grip. Also, try varying the distance of the two clamps.
Some guys have used this added clamp to break the 15-20lbs range with the Wench.

Another idea is to tighten your clamp snug and then while holding the Wench loop out away from your pelvis allow your unit to stretch out a bit, wait a few moments, and then give the clamp another click (or a few more, whatever gets it perfectly tightened down) - remember to do this subsequent tightening while giving your unit a mild stretch.

Varying the amount of wrap you use can also help achieve a better hold. Sometimes less is more, and sometimes more is more - it is very much a personal preference, as is what type of material you wrap with. This can have a great impact on comfort as well as function.

I think Itsgotime hit that one perfectly.

When first put the wrap on, should I have my cock stretch out.and when I first put the hanger on and tightening it.should my cock be stretched all the way out

Tiger, you should stretch out penis while you wrap to eliminate skin bunching, and keep stretching with one hand while you reach for the hanger and attach it to the shaft. Keep it stretched until the hanger is on and tight enough to STAY PUT on the shaft. You can do this easily, just keep stretching with one hand and squeeze the hanger with the other hand.

Once the hanger is squeezed on the shaft, your other hand is free to grab and attach Cable Clamps (for the Wench) or spin the wing-nut (for the Bib).

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>”I tried placing it just a little further up the shaft, but it was uncomfortable.”<

SS, sometimes even small variations can seem strange or uncomfortable at first. In time, you’ll get used to new things. The distance of the hanger from the head largely depends on the amount of weight. In my opinion, the hanger should NEVER be closer than 3/4” to the head.

Remember, use your common sense to distinguish between “uncomfortable” and “painful.”

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I’m experimenting with two clamps now

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