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Wench Hanger - supplies in europe

Wench Hanger - supplies in europe

(To a moderator: Could you please move this to the hanger’s forum? I don’t have permission to start threads there. Thanks.)

I just got insterested in hanging (on the advice of SteelBender, might I add :) ) and want to build a Wench hanger.
The problem is finding the supplies, wich are too damn specific(velcro with industrial strength; grippers (floor skid protectors) -wtf?; cableclamps - never seen).
So I was wondering if any dude from the european union (specifically Portugal) has built such an hanger and if so to tell me what he used.

Stateside these items [and suitable substitutes] are available at ‘big box’ [superstore] hardware/ home improvement stores - If you have nothing like that where you are, otherwise you may want to look around where construction trades and home repair guys shop for supplies.

Many of the items aren’t always available in the same configuration in the US either. I couldn’t find ‘grippers and had to make do with alternative arrangements. Grippers can be substituted with other ‘stiffish’ non-toxic rubber pieces of the correct size, then applied to the inside of the big Industrial Velcro with an appropriate opposite piece stuck to the back of the rubber.

“CableClamps” are used to bundle electrical cables together, if they are available at all in the EU, it would likely be at an electrical supply shop. You can also substitute reusable zip-ties.

Or you can simply take advantage of the efforts of one of your PE brothers and buy them here.

Luck and length.

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CableClamps and Heavy Duty Velcro (1m roll) are available at larger B&Q stores in the UK FWIW. Still on the lookout for suitable “grippers”.


Have you been able to construct ADS yet? How much are cable clamps?

Very interested. Cheers

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