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Not being a weight lifter and having large pieces of iron at my disposal, I was wondering what clever ideas you have come up with in the weight department?

You other gentlemen post your ideas also.


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I am not a weight lifter anymore. But I had enough plates around the house to hang.

Do yourself a favor and go to a franchise sporting goods store and buy the plates. They don’t take up much room and attach easily by attaching a short piece of rope through the hole in the middle. Really very cheap also.

Very unforgiving if you drop them on your toe though.



I also use barbell ‘discs’ …I have 1kg,2kg,2.5kg,5kg and upwards, which can be combined to gradually increase weights. Very convenient. As BIB, I loop a cord (actually a plastic tape) through the centre holes several times, and just hook it on. Can’t imagine anything more convenient which allows for different weights. At the mo am hanging with 3x2kg discs. They measure around 12cm in diameter.


I do it that way, but...

Lately I’ve been thinking of running a rope through a small peice of wood and stacking 5’s on it horizontally, with the rope running through the center of the plates. Easy to adjust weight. Essentailly, building a rather cylindrical stack of plates with less diameter. Problem with just running rope through them and hooking them to hand vertically is when I move about my place and bump the plates with my shin. They spin like hell and can create a nasty torque potential. Sortof like a quarter on a table top. The horzontal stack may eliminate this altogether. Thunder, if you get plates, get the standard 1” hole plates if availible. The olympic are two inches and just wobble more if you should try the above idea. Might want to pick up a cheap pulley in your shopping spree, they’re pretty useful. If you do use a pulley and extra rope for some rigging, do consider a “lap link” in place of an ‘S’ hook…they give a nice double hook at the end of the rope to add or subtract plates.

I was wondering..

if I had to track down some catcher’s gear to protect my shins.

Groa, have you thought of “stacking” the weights on a piece of PVC tubing with the correct O.D. (or as close as possible) to stop the wobble. An easily removable clip or ring on one end and an end cap attached to the other to retain the weights. A swivel may actually help reduce the torque effect also.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.


Fill-up two liter bottle with sand, nails, or other heavy items. A milk jug, too. An anchor? Y’know, the eight, ten, and twelve pound vinyl coated varieties, if you have one. Bricks are heavy and abundant, as are some rocks. A refrige…naw, not yet! Depending on the size of clan and plans, a frozen turkey might suffice for a while:) Ham? Hmmmm……12 X 12 = 144….then we gotta divide by 16 for pounds Bottles are always heavier. The Hangers Rule…don’t drink it until you hang it for at least 3 sets. Really, if you bought a bag of cheap cement, mixed it, and poured it into coffee cans (or any other “mold”) you could make your own custom weights. I made boat anchors that way before. I’ll keep thinkin’ about this until you say “Stop, I bought/made/found weights of some sort!” groa

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