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Weights To Hang??

Weights To Hang??

Hi guys, I’m looking in to purchasing a Bib Hanger very soon, but I have been wondering about what kind of weights are used with this hanger? Does anybody know? I’ve looked on the Bib site and I can’t seem to find any info about this. Any advice given is greatly appreciated! Cheers

It comes with an S hook at the end. So you can rig something up to hang.

Some people use rope around items.

I use weight plates myself. I think this forum does have some examples of how people rigged things together.

I spent about $10 at home depot and copied someone’s idea of using a turnbuckle that has a loop at the end. The other end I place a washer and a fender washer that the weights sit on.

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Piece of string and you can hand pretty much anything of the S hook. Sock filled with quarters or fishing weights would do it. All I ever used were my the itty bitty plate weights that I never had a use for before. You could use those lead shot filled wrist and ankle weights as well.

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Yup. Used a hockey lace with some plate weights and wrist bands. Go slow good luck!

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That’s great info guys thanks very much! I’ll be purchasing the Bib on Monday when it’s payday !! Thanks again and I’ll post about using it.

I use zip ties through weight plates, attached to my hanger with a carabiner. Simple, cheap, easy to change out the weights.

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Right now I’m using (3) 2.5 lb plates I bought from a sporting goods store, hooked up to the bib hanger with a nylon rope that ties them altogether.

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