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Weights replacements

Weights replacements

I just got my Bib hanger today, i was wondering if i am starting with 5 lbs what should i use? A water bottle? what works really well for you hangers?

First make sure you read the shit out of Bib’s Hanging Guide on the bottom of this page in the links section. I would just take my time learning to wrap as well as know what the functions are in the diagrams on the Bib Site.

I would just go out and buy some really cheap small weights like 15 lbs worth to start. Make sure you get the small 2 and 3 lbs too. Look in the news paper for the classifieds for weights for sale or just hit up a yard sale. A gallon of water weighs in at 8.33 lbs per gallon exactly.

Try getting use to the skin stretch for the first week at least. It is a bitch but well worth it. Look up the various hanging threads too. Look for anything by Bib and of course Ss4Jelq. There is also a wrapping tutorial in the tutorial forum. Well worth it.

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