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weights per session

weights per session

for those who hang at 15+ lbs

do you guys usually start on the first set with a lighter weight and build your way up to 15lbs or just jump right into it?

Some guys start light, some jump right in. It depends on how easy 15lbs is for you (so it depends on your conditioning). For me, I can never do max weight on my first set, but I am targeting BTC these days (its always a hard skin stretch, so I need 1x set to adjust). If your max is 20lbs, 15lbs may feel like nothing to you. If your max is currently 14lbs, maybe you should work up slowly in 1/2lb increments.

So that’s another factor, if you’re doing a fulcrum or an angle like BTC, you may need a warm-up set with less weight first.

In other words it depends on your: 1-max weight / conditioning, & 2-angle or fulcrum

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any other factors. Keep in mind, less is more. It’s not a weightlifting competition, don’t hang so much weight that it causes pain; that’s a sign you’re crossing a threshold you don’t want to cross.

Less is more: what I mean is, we are not trying to build a tougher penis, we are trying to build a bigger penis. Reach fatigue with lower weights as long as possible. Less weight = less chance of an injury. If you’re making gains with less weight, then you might not want to rush into bigger weights.

Why I’m telling you this: most guys max out their gains between 10-20lbs. If you surpass that range too quickly (lets say by doing only 1x set per day as an extreme example) you could miss out on some easy gains because you’re not optimizing your routine (good gains require 10hrs+ of hanging per week).

I’m a 15+ guy. I usually jump right in after a little warm up. I can do this because of 3 reasons:

1. I have to wear pants to work so there is plenty of warmth to keep things loose.
2. I wear an ADS during the day at least 10-12 hours a day, sometimes longer.
3. I was a pumper for years so my penile tissue is conditioned well.

I hang strictly BTC now. It took me a couple of months to figure out what I needed to do in regards to the angle and the fact that I needed to stretch skin.

Before SO, SD or SU I was able to use the same weight for all of the sets but with BTC I start with 15 and then move down from there, even changing weights in the middle of a set real quick to ride the fatigue. In my case, most of the fatigue is skin stretch also another reason to use lighter weights.
I start with 15 and end up on the last couple of sets with 10.

I do believe though that I need to just use 10 lbs for more time ( more sets ) and then go back up in the next few weeks/months.

Like Blink said less = more.

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Pumper for a while got to the square dick 7X7 , hanging now 7-2010

I usually do 2 or 3 sets in the morning. Start at 5lbs and the jump into 7 1/2. In the evning just do 3 sets of 7 1/2. Next week or so ill prob do one set of 10lbs to start adding weight. Jumping straight into 7 1/2 seems to be no prob tho. Thanks for the advice

My Advice for You:
Don’t add more than 1x 20 minute set per week, or 1lb per week, and don’t add both in the same week. Move up in 1/2lb increments and pay attention to your PIs, how you’re feeling, etc and keep a detailed log.

Why would you want to suddenly jump to 10lbs? You don’t want a tougher penis, you want a longer penis (right?). Just incrementally add weight if you’re not reaching fatigue. Don’t focus on the weight, focus on just reaching fatigue without an injury.

There’s no reward for hanging 10lbs, 20lbs, or 100lbs from your penis. The length gain is the reward. Focus on that. Reach fatigue early (during your 1st or 2nd set), then ride the fatigue in subsequent sets. You’ll know you’re riding the fatigue when you feel compelled to lower the weight in the next set (due to very mild pain). Don’t do anything that causes sharp pain. Don’t be afraid to lower the weight if things don’t feel right.

Stay focused on a single primary angle of attack, don’t do the shotgun approach.

Focus on maximizing your gains, not your hanging weight.

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